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Zoe's Sunday Scoops (3)

This week's Zoe's Sunday Scoops happens thanks to

Pink Parlour.

Arranged an appointment with this Pink Kitty within a week i received an email from them! It was for Brazilian Waxing- something i had been wanting to try a couple of months back after reading reviews Vanessa and Emi did after their virgin waxing!


Pink Parlour really sparked off that curiosity in me to try (:

Made my way to Liang Court, all sexcited!

And i brought someone with me!

The ever so popular blogger, AUDREY! (:

We were on the escalator to B1 of Liang Court, where Pink Parlour was sited!

Instantly we could see Pink Parlour, easily distinguishing itself from the rest with its unmistakable colors of striking pink and black.

Couldn't resist not taking a picture before walking through the door!

Check this out!

Light refreshments were served! The staff were so friendly, greeted us cheerfully and guided us around the parlour!

Walking further into the parlour, i was greeted by comfy seats!

All for your nail pampering.

Pink Parlour really knows how to make a girl eat her heart out with this huge plasma tv plastered onto the wall facing the manicure station!

And guess what i heard is usually screened!!!!

Girly shows like GOSSIP GIRLS and SEX AND THE CITY!

This is by far the first parlour i've seen providing such awesome nail services!

I was led into the Waxing station, and guided to have a bath before the real game starts!

Look at the luminous lightings in the cool shower! I must have spent like 15 minutes slowly washing myself clean! HEHE!

And i totally love the furry pink bed! (:
(Anyone knows where to get that pink stuff?)

Sparking clean and with a tinge of floral scent, I'm all ready to be waxed! (:

As i was lying down, i continued to snap some final last pictures! Wendy was prepping for my waxing. And she played some nice soothing music on the plastered player!

The whole ambience was quite simply, perfect.

1) First timers will have their hearts set at ease.
2) Regulars will be able to have their usual relaxing session.

Picture taken right after i was done! (:


Okay, here's the review!

I have a terribly low pain tolerance level. But Wendy, being so good with her profession, i knew i was in safe hands (:

The pain was bearable and definitely not as painful as I expected to be!!! And the best part was, i felt really clean and i knew i wanted to hit the beach soon!

Wendy was swift and fast and the best thing was, she knows exactly how to minimize the pain!

I love swimming, so for girls who do sports regularly, i strongly urge you to have a go at Brazilian waxing. It beats shaving, hands down.

Because shaving removes just the hair, not the roots. Which also means after every shave, the hair becomes thicker! And soon enough, it will be all coarse!

Waxing removes the hair FROM THE ROOT. And the difference is, the new hair will be like baby hair, soft, fine and neat.

And, why Pink Parlour?

Because, they shoo you in for a nice shower, put on a clean pair of gloves, do an anti-microbial prep on you and absolutely NO re-dips! The Parlour Girls use only quality hard wax from Australia and Waxing does not stop once all hairs are off.

The Parlour Girls pamper your below with a post-wax treatment and recommend some fantastic Australian home care products so that you’ll be in tip-top condition until your next appointment.

That's not all, I choose Pink Parlour;
Because, their Hall of Fame reads these awards!

"Best Brazillians" rated 8.5 by Simply Her
"Painless Brazillian" by Urban Wire
Best Bikini Wax

and these are just 3 of the 12 awards that they have! WOOTS!


Decided to walk around the parlour to search for goodies before leaving! (:

At Pink Parlour, they provide all kinds of grooming services- yes, from head to toe!

If you are getting ready for your 21st birthday or graduation night, you can make an appointment to have your manicure and pedicure done, facial, spa and even have your makeup and hair prep up there!

If you are getting ready for that special night with your love, you could even have designer shapes and color (yes, color) down there to give him a little surprise!

Here was what i couldn't help getting amazed by!
(Pink Parlour is the only place offering this kinky service now!)

Heart shape, colored hot pink. How does it sound? (:


Another one to share!

DIYs (:

Wax in tubs or strips! Best for that emergency beach party or date out!

(Advisable not to Brazilian wax oneself! You can go ahead with waxing those Bikini lines, legs and underarms!)


How could i not share a picture of fabulous Wendy, with 4 years experience under her belt!!

And guess what, she does waxing for boys too! And i heard from her that there are only 1-3 wax therapists in Singapore that offers such services!

Girls, you can bring your boyfriends or brothers to tryout too! (:


I'm so sure you girls are itching to have a go at Brazilian waxing too eh! (:

This part is for you!
Pink Parlour is giving you a chance to enjoy their waxing sessions too!

Usual price: $49 for 1 brazilian wax!

Now it's time to ring up that best friend to enjoy this perfect experience with this exclusive offer! :D

Pretty pink black dress, sponsored by

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Sharon said...

Hi there! Thanks for the review - it was very helpful! I'm going for my virgin brazilian tmr, esp after reading your review. If you dun mind, I'm gonna leave your name as the referral - think Pink Parlour is having some referral promotion ($10 voucher).

Anonymous said...

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post