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Behind the scenes with Chester & Cindy

So here's the-
Behind the scenes of this shoot (:

Time: 9.30am
Makeup and Hair done.

MAC breakfast on the way to the shoot location! (:

I love eggs!

Dramatic eye makeup and loud hair!

Touch up in the ballroom before the shoot commerce!


Time: 12.30pm
Shoot ends.

My tube is from Private Closet @! (:

Chester: I'm so sure you are gonna receive even loads more of emails asking you for shoots!
Cindy: I loveeee the eye makeup! Sure doesn't feel panda-ish! (:
V: Thanks for helping out so much!!!!

If you're interested to advertise on my bloggie, please email to for rates! Thank youuuuu (:

Von is looking for a hair model for a hair competition on 22th May, model's required to have her hair cut into a bob and colored (Safe colors!)

Girls who have short hair can strongly consider this opportune. Von is a leading hairstylist (:
Interested parties, pls contact Von @ 92995052 (:

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