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Von @ 92995052

Photobucket Tokyo Pink

Their dresses are in limited quantities! (:

Grab yours today!!!

Thanks Chester for the pictures! (:

Photobucket Le Flirtini

Honored to do another post for them! (:

They are the ones who brought me this beautiful skirt just last month; which i wore to the fish spa!

And this dress which many mistook as a 2-piece (:

They have launched Collection 20!

Awesome place to shop at! (:

Photobucket Miss Queenie

Ameila, Syndey and i @ Ritz (:

Thanks Miss Queenie for the dress! (:

Photobucket Miss Queenie

Visit Miss Queenie.

Taiwan apparels prices ranging from as low as $33 for 2 pieces can be found here!

If you're interested to advertise on my bloggie, please email to for rates! Thank youuuuu (:

Taken on the last day of exams (:

First picture was taken before we went into the exam hall! Kerlyn had her notes on hand! HAHA! (:

And i cut my hair! (:
Easier to manage now!

Thanks Von! Those who are interested to have their hair done, can call Von @ 92995052 for an appt after enquiring prices!

He's good! Sheila has been trusting him with her hair since last year! (:

Thanks Sheila for this top. Lycra material and plunging back! I likeeee (:

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