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Join us with Ettusais!



Was visiting friends' blogs and it really made me smile when i see the girls being influenced positively and making Ettusais' purchase! (:

And sharing the benefits with the blog readers.

Even my classmates from uni, they have made their way to Ettusais after reading my blog posts too!

Rach bought the medicated acne concealer.
Vanessa bought the Eye Zone Tinted concealer.
Kerrie even became a member from constant purchases of Ettusais medicated facial wash!
Even Eve made a date with us to head down to the counter to get her hands on the many products which we were discussing about in class!

Here's a shout out to the girls who have made Ettusais' purchases, please leave a tag on my blog on your review of the particular products you have tried? (:

Will appreciate it alot if you girls could share abit with my readers; share the goodness with them and your friends too (:

I will be sharing on Ettusais' loose powder next week! So do remember to watch this space! (:

Many lovesssss! (:

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