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Time for Ettusais!

Two products from Ettusais to share today!

1. Zero Pore Pact (LIMITED EDITION!)
2-way compact foundation

Ettusais compact foundation is not the same as other brands' foundations. We actually have 2 kinds of formulations to serve girls with different skin type. If you have oily skin, you should be using an oil block formula. Subsequently, if you have dry skin, there's a dry block formula for you!

How clever of us ah! HEHE!

You need to pick a foundation that is suitable for your skin type so that your makeup can last!

How can a girl with oily skin still use a foundation that will further enhance sebum! Similarly. a girl with dry skin should even more use a foundation that will prevent the skin to dehydrate more!

This is our original ettusais casing (:

Here comes the price!!!

Refill: S$48 & Case: S$20

BUT! As we have a limited edition casing, THERE'S A PROMOTION!

Girls who go to our counters and purchase a refill piece will get this prettyyyy limited ed casing for FREE! $20

There's one color for everyone! (:

No matter if you're fair or tan!

2. Flat Design Creator
Pore concealer

Concealer with a unique non-friction spatula (its soft soft, made of rubber!) that allows you to target your imperfections without any fuss!

Zooms in to cover and conceal any bumps, blemishes and open pores! Apply in an upward direction to fill up and conceal your pores!

Price: S$41

And, again, there is sure to be a color that will suit your skin tone! (:

You can never stop with Ettusais!

There are just too many goodies within (:

Zoe is in ♥ with ettusais!

Click to go in to learn more about of ettusais' makeup and skincare products! I just bought myself a -Medicated Acne Real Fit Concealer! Concealer that clears up pimples!

I used to be afraid to apply any makeup even concealer on my pimples! Not anymore now when i learnt Ettusais invented a medicated concealer! (:

Go check that product out!

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