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Ettusais's Eye Zone Essence

Remember that i promised to blog about Ettusais' Eye Zone Essence and what it has done for me? (:

This is the post!

Ettusais’ eye zone essence comes in a pair; Day and Night.

Let me start with the Night essence, Eye Zone Massaging Essence.

Question: Why is it called MASSAGING ESSENCE?

Answer: You need to massage your eye area with this product!

Reason: Massaging will promote blood circulation, reduce water retention as well as allowing absorption of the essence so that it can penetrate into deeper layers of your skin, which means you’ll see results faster!

As simple as that (:

This product is essentially for blue dark circles as well as brown dark circles; I'm sure this is the most common problem for young ladies! From late nights out, partying, online gaming, an addiction to Korean dramas to rushing to meet never ending project deadlines.

The causes of blue dark circles:
1. Fatigue due to straining of eyes & lack of sleep can make skin appear more pale, which allows blood vessels to be more visible through the skin, giving the appearance of bluish dark circles.

2. Heavy or improperly fitted eyeglasses can put added pressure on the veins and capillaries under the eyes, leading to a bruising or dilation of the blood vessels.

Massaging the eye essence around the eye area promotes blood circulation to minimize blue dark circles. There are also special ingredients to help promote blood circulation!

IMPT TIP: DO NOT rub your eyes! Not only will it cause dark circles, it will also result in fine lines! Yucks!

The causes of brown dark circles:
1. Sun exposure, which triggers melanin production to increase, results in a darker appearance.

2. Dark circles sometimes run in the family. They usually appear around the entire eye area, even on the upper lids!

3. Aging.

Vitamin C in the eye essence helps lighten and stop melanin production!

The causes of puffy eyes:
1. Poor nutrition and sudden weight loss.

2. Increased fluid retention from too much salt.

Zoe has a habit of drinking loads of water in the night, so does her family and friends; which causes puffy eyes. Ettusais tackled this problem by introducing this product that reduces puffiness through enhancing blood circulation and reducing water retention.

Zoe's review for Night Essence: The light weight night essence is very easy to massage on. Not only is massaging comforting for the eyes, it will also help to reduce all types of dark circles. I like it!

A small demonstration of the Day Essence.

Lightweight Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence acts not just as a moisturizer for the eye but also a concealer!

And it’s very easy to use!

Spread over eye area using the brush, then pat it on lightly for best coverage. Try not to blend as the coverage will not be as good.

YES! Just 2 simple steps that gives you very natural coverage and you’re good to go. Yup, you don’t have to put make up on after if you don’t want to as it will look very natural and blends well with your skin tone. Of course you could go on to makeup after that if you’re heading out! (:

Easy peasy right? Din I promise it was easy!

Zoe's review for Day Essence: The day essence gives a natural coverage; Honestly, what beats an eye essence that can work as a makeup feature as well, right? It's just like killing 2 birds with one stone! Above that, i can just put on my usual makeup! It is great for touch ups too as it is very moisturizing, ideal for the dry eye area!

A new add-on to my cosmetic case! (:
A ‘cosmetic’ eye essence product from Ettusais.

Ooh! My new loves! ♥
It's a must try (:

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