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♥ April thirteen!


Got this dress from April thirteen!!! Looks super gorgeous with a thick waist belt!
Must have in a girl's wardrobe lah! (:

Here are some of their new updates from Collection 30!
Most are already sold out or left with 1 piece! G.R.A.B!

This is my personal favourite piece! Reminds me of Aquamarine theme! (:

Bangles! I can neverr stop buying accessories! This piece brings a tinge of oriental! (:

Photobucket April 13

A place where you can find Maxi dresses, Kimonos, versatile dresses and jumpers.

Friday after class, the girls followed me home to change, had lunch downstairs my place and we headed to Bugis to meet Eve (:

We had fried fish soup! If you like fried fish! This is a must must must try! Fresh and Yummyyyyyy (:

While waiting for bus...
Whip out the camera! WAHAHA!

Met up with Eve at Bugis Street. She's a meanie!

She asked to go shopping. But came late and left early! ARGHS!

Headed to a shop which Eve always patronize. She wanted to get new year clothes, but din get any in the end! We spent 2 hours there? Did we, girls?

I was the one who bought something! Wa lao!

Owner's lil daughter! (:
When we came in, she shouted to her mommy: "Mommy, got customerrsssss!"

And she keeps repeating until she got her mommy's attention!

Was a fun day with the girls. Bought ALOT!
Next i will blog about Gatsby Dance competition at Zouk on Saturday! (:

GIRLS!! Visit Holly Hoque. They have updated again! My friends will willingly go broke cause of them! (:

AHH!! Sheila i want!!!!! (:

Girls visit:
a href="" target="_blank">Photobucket Holly Hoque

Frequent updates of prom dresses, evening gowns to bags and bikinis! A place that takes care of a girl's wants and needs.

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