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Gatsby Dance Competition 2009!

Here are the pictures to Saturday (:
Thanks girls for working hard!

Group picture before entering! (:

Jojo is best company! (:

The last i worked with Angela was Boat Asia last year! (:
She's a darling, helped with Xbox 360!

Chanced Huiling through her bfriend! Chanced her bfriend thru Amelia! (:
Thanks Amelia for helping find a replacement at the 11th hour.

Belinda is looking damn sexy! (:

The 7 of us after changing into our 'stinky' uniform! HAHA!

Met with the other 3 girls outside to get a FULL group pictures.
These are the 10 Gatsby Girls 2009 (:

Only the 4 of us dared take solo pictures! HEHE! (:

Gatsby closure. It's been tiring. The girls had to be on their feets ever since the recruitment days at Cinelesiure in early December! Really thank you! I owe you girls ALOT! (:

And of course, i requested a picture for the 7 of us!
Thanks gillian, Jojo, Huiling, Belinda Esther and Angela! ♥

AND it's been very unfortunate that Jojo got her hp and wallet stolen. =(

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