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Sproutfore, the online farmers' market!

I first started surfing Sproutfore's website on our road trip to Melaka! Since we had to spend quite a few hours on the road to Melaka, it was the best time to surf and do some shopping! We carted a few items and continued our shopping back in Singapore. So thankful my cart didn't expire!

Sproutfore is our local online farmers' market! The website was easy to navigate about even on the mobile phone with these pretty big categories already prepared for us.

We chose some organic fruits and vegetables for the little baby nephew at home cause he's now old enough to have purée food! It's fun to surf around the fruits and vegetables to see what's best for him, with the wide variety, he's really going to be in for a treat! We carted out some organic butternut pumpkin, organic tofu from Quan Fa Organic Farm and Fuji Apples from Zenxin Organic Food!

I also carted out Mr Chiam's sweet potato leaves for our dinner this week!

If you are keen, you can even do a read up about the seller! This is the profile of Farmer, Quan Fa Organic Farm!

And just to share, most of the items on Sproutfore are organic but because an ‘Organic’ Certification is rather costly, some of the merchants have their vegetables and fruits labeled as pesticide and chemical free instead!

Could you guess which is my next favorite category? It's the Bakery & Condiments- not much condiments but 99% Bakery definitely! I spent most of my time on Sproutfore in here! There is so much to look at, the fresh organic bakes from cakes to muffins to breads to cookies!

And the best part- the website gets updated daily!! So there's always new items to look for every day! There's new cookies for lunar new year updated! I didn't see them there the last time!

There's also a new category of Prosperity Bundles of seafood if you are intending on invite friends over for a nice steamboat for CNY!

As this is an online farmer's market, Sproutfore does not keep any inventory of these fresh produces! Instead, they are collected fresh from the merchants once your orders are made!

Therefore, there's a minimal location fee charged! My location fee for carting out 5 merchants' produces was $9- so it's less than $2/ merchant!

My cart looking happy and I proceeded to check out!

I choose the earliest delivery day and best timing for me.

My delivery address was then populated from the initial setting up of my Sproutfore account. I just had to do a one-time key in my credit card details and tadah, my order is made!

I placed my order on Sunday and my items arrived in these 2 big bags on Tuesday afternoon! Oh boy, I was so excited to un-bag them!

Look at my buys!

Those fresh bakes, vegetables, fruits and I even got a packet of kale chips and organic cinnamon and ginger tea cause my green tea in the office had ran out!

These were the 3 bakes I finally decided on getting. I got an organic pandan chiffon cake, organic wholemeal banana walnut cake and an organic wholemeal raisin loaf which I ate the very night! They were baked freshly by Bud of Joy and it was so good to have it fresh!

Shop now at Sproutfore and enter FDCNY18 for free delivery above $68, valid till 2nd March 2018!

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