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How to create a Maternity Milk Bath with less than $2.

The night before our maternity shoot, Alvin and I went to NTUC to get the one necessity for the milk bath- milk. Jean from Antelope Studios recommended us to get dry milk powder which was meant for baking but we couldn't find it.

There were a few options for a milk bath.
1. Fresh milk- Definitely works but definitely not the most cost effective. Maybe if you were to soak in the milk for 30 minutes then maybe worth it. A maternity milk bath shoot probably took 10 minutes max (for me).
2. Milk Powder- Definitely an option!
3. Soap Bomb- Have not used it before so unsure if it will be milky looking enough.

We were close to getting the cheapest milk powder tin we could find. It was approximately $15. We wanted to try our luck to save some money and walked a little more around the shelves. Then, I came across Coffee Mate. I remember Coffee Mate to be just as white and it should do its purpose too of making the water in the bath tub look milky. Price tag- $3.90 for 2 packets!

So we decided to be adventurous (and thrifty) and got the Coffee Mate instead of the milk powder.

On the day of the shoot, we first filled half the tub with warm water and started to slowly pour in the packet of Coffee Mate. Used our hands to mix it around. Important to use warm water and not cold so the powder can melt/ dissolve in the water. Use of cold water may cause big pieces of powder in the water.

The bath tub looked milky and the color was consistent. Here's a shot before we threw the flowers in!

We only had to use 1 packet of Coffee Mate to achieve the milk bath. So the cost for this milk bath: $1.95!

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