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Had dinner over at 8Koreanbbq with the family last week! Totally not behaving like a bride even a few days before the wedding :X

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We had 8Koreanbbq's signature 4 Colours Set (incl. of stew) instead of the 8 Colors Set as it was way too much and we didn't want to waste!
Mangalitsa pork bellies marinated in 4 signature flavors: Wine, Garlic, Red Pepper Paste, Kalbi!
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4 Colours Set (incl. of stew) $58
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So the oil won't splatter on us!
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We went for Seafood Soft Tofu Stew which you can already tell that is filled with goodness, so much seafood and it was a huge portion! Definitely more than enough for our family of 4.

Everyone's favorite Seafood Pancake filled with Squid rings, shrimp, pancake batter, egg. We really could order one more cause we all loved the crispy batter and generous seafood filling.
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Seafood Pancake $20

I always want to order a steamed egg when I dine at Korean BBQ joints so I am glad that they serve it too!
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E!GHT’s Special Steamed Egg $12
House-made egg mixture

We ordered just 1 rice to share. Design Your Own Bibimbap is something new to us and interesting indeed!
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Design Your Own Bibimbap, $10.90 and up
P/S: Only available during lunch from 1130am till 230pm (last order at 2pm)!
 photo Photo 30-5-17 7 53 09 PM.jpg photo Photo 30-5-17 7 52 59 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 30-5-17 7 45 33 PM.jpgEnded dinner with the prettiest bingsu we have had! In the form of a Bibimbap! How instagram friendly! House-made milk ice, assorted fruit, marshmallows and crunch- sooo good and huge that I think it can feed 6!
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Bibimbap Bingsu $28

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Central @ Clarke Quay, #02-79/90
Singapore 059817 
Tel: +65 86921188 

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