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Artemis Grill

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Date night at Artemis Grill with love after work last week. We have heard about Artemis Grill so we were happy to be able to dine there!
We were very lucky to have Executive Chef Fernando Arevalo host us that evening.
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He asked if we have any dietary restrictions before heading back to the kitchen to prepare our meal for us! We asked to share so we can try a little more of everything! Chef Fernando is really charismatic and he very patiently shared with us the story behind each dish he created and even how he optioned the fish or asparagus! I never knew it could be this challenging, to get the best fish or even asparagus that only 2 restaurants in Singapore are entitled to! Thank you, Chef Fernando for the great hospitality! We really enjoyed our time there!
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Artemis Grill is seated on the 40th floor, nestled between the clouds and a 15,000-square-feet Sky Forest, Artemis is a new Singapore landmark showcasing the Mediterranean’s rich culinary heritage with the freshest organic produce.
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We got the best table in the house. Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day with showers that just ended. Nevertheless, we still got a beautiful view of beautiful Singapore for the whole evening!
As Chef Fernando prepared our dishes for us, we got some bread. There were 4 different kinds of freshly baked breads for selection.
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We took 1 of each to share, we wanted to try them all cause they are looked good!
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These black olives are freshly made with unique spices that made it so addictive! I had to stop myself from eating more bread cause the dip was so special. Even the olive oil is Artemis's very own, the bottle had their branding!
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I had a cocktail, Sarsi Paloma, while love had a glass of Pinot noir.
Our first appetizer of the evening was this fresh sashimi. I am the least adventurous person when it comes to food but I gave this a try!
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Wild Seabass Sashimi
The seabass is sweet and fresh. We loved the combination of savoury from the pork and citrusy from the lime caviar. It was good.
When Chef Fernando presented us with this dish, he shared about how the fish was obtained. We find it more enjoyable to know how the ingredients were gotten and how the dish was created!
The second appetizer was another interesting one, Asparagus with
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Sylvain Erhardt
I love the cheese so much!!! It wasn't like usual cheese we take where it is very salty and pungent. This was a sweet note to it and it's fragrant, light and so addictive. I could have another serving of this, anytime!
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Smoked Eel
Our first main is another fish dish!
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Black Cod
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Our second main for the evening was a pork dish. 
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Slow Cooked Iberico Pork
A palette cleanser before dessert!
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 Cute little bowl of Beetroot & Raspberry Sorbet
Ended dinner on a sweet note with this lovely Dôme Aux Fraises.
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Elevated above the hustle and bustle of the city on the rooftop of CapitaGreen, the restaurant and bar offer spectacular views of the urban skyline to the sea beyond. With dining for 120 and private room seating of up to 40, as well as a breezy outdoor terrace ideal for savouring a broad portfolio of wine, cocktails and craft beers, Artemis Grill embodies grand Mediterranean hospitality where the sky is the limit.

Artemis Grill
Address: 138 Market Street, #40-01 CapitaGreen (Rooftop), 048946
Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–12AM
Phone: 6635 8677

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