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SBCD Korean Tofu House

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My family loves Korean food and my Mom exceptionally loves tofu. She have tofu for at least 1 of her meals every day! So I was excited to take her and our family for dinner at the SBCD Korean Tofu House.

SBCD is the new kid on the block at Tanjong Pagar Centre, the newest tallest building in Singapore that is situated directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT station. This new kid on the block is the biggest shop at TPC!
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Linked via the underpass!
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Love the open concept kitchen! I love watching how big kitchens prepare our food.
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It's a big restaurant which can seat 100+ guests!
SBCD Korean Tofu House specializes in a variety of Korean soft tofu soup, where the “soon” in “soontofu” means soft. It upholds the kitchen philosophy of serving uplifting and complete meals, and every soontofu dish is created with soft and silken tofu that is hand-made fresh daily, and prepared in 4 different levels of spiciness for the broth – mild, medium, spicy and crazy hot! Zonia can't take spicy so she goes for the mild. My dad is the medium spicy kinda guy, me the spicy and my mom is the chilli queen; it's really 1 level for everyone!
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Soft tofu, made with mature white soybeans that are boiled, curdled and pressed, is popular
amongst the health-conscious for being low in cholesterol and carb content, while being a good
source of protein and calcium. Each soontofu soup is served with an egg and individually prepared
in a rich, savoury broth along with generous portions of a variety of meat. You can choose between meat or seafood which gives you the option of clams, prawns, flower crabs, abalone, oysters! It's a party in your Soontofu!
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I am a soup person!
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Abalone, flower crab seafood soontofu. This is so flavorful because of the flower crab!! This bowl makes me miss Jeju so much, I remember having so good abalone there too!
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Seafood and meat soontofu
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Ham and cheese soontofu which tastes like army stew soup!
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Sesame Soontofu for those who can't take spicy and want to taste every bit of the tofu! 
SBCD serves 4 banchan which are the kimchi, seaweed, pickled green chilies and spicy squid strips and unlike most other Korean restaurants, one of the unique offerings of SBCD Korean Tofu House lies in the banchan that includes a whole fried croaker fish prepared to tender perfection. I usually do not take fish because I can't take the fishy-ness but this croaker fish is not at all, it is so tender and light. My dad- the fish lover in the family had 3!!
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My favorite spicy grilled chicken!! I finished all the onions too cause the sauce is so good!
For those who are craving for a serving of some of the favourite Korean meat dishes such as L.A.
Galbi, Spicy Grilled Chicken, and Spicy Baby Octopus, they can opt to order those delicacies as a
main dish or to include them in the combo meal along with a soontofu soup of choice.
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Teriyaki grilled chicken that wasn't spicy so Zonia finished most of them. My Dad and sister love this meat best.
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Short ribs that were a little too chewy for us. But if you like your beef ribs chewy and flavorful, you need to order this! It is a popular item on the menu!
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This is the founder, you really wouldn't tell cause he's humbly working hard at the kitchen with his staff!
We also managed to get a visit into the kitchen to see some of the stations do their thing. We were most surprised by the way our rice would be cooked/ served.
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That's yet another unique practice in SBCD Korean Tofu House that is uncommon in Singapore. Each bowl of rice is served in a hot stone bowl, and scooped out into a metal bowl. This is how the rice is cooked, everything in the kitchen and restaurant is imported from Korea! Truly authentic restaurant!
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A think crust of scorched rice, called nurungji, will remain in the hot stone bowl and corn tea will be added into the mixture and covered to retain the heat and to further cook the leftover rice. After the meal, the diner can enjoy a bowl of nurungji bap, which is a rice porridge dish that is not only nutritious, but also aids with digestion as it concludes the meal! Definitely what we need after a sumptuous meal!
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My family was probably the happiest when I said, okay, i'm done with the pictures, let's eat! haha!
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Another interesting item on the menu is this Seafood tofu pancake! I've never tried anything like this! It's like a healthier version of our favorite korean pancake.
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Everyone's favorite Japchae! We could have another plate of it.
We had so much food from SBCD, they gave us such great hospitality. We were so happy to be able to try so many dishes from the menu but because the menu was pretty extensive, we could really go back again!
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Digged in!!

If you had to ask what you should order as a first-timer at SBCD, I would recommend:
  1. Sesame soontofu
  2. Seafood soontofu
  3. Japchae
  4. Tofu Pancakes 
  5. Spicy Grilled Chicken

Sesame soontofu so you can taste the freshness of the tofu and Seafood soontofu so you can taste how sweet the soup would be especially after those flower crab! Japchae cause it taste so authentic and sweet potato vermicelli is healthier carb version. Tofu pancake because it's really something unique and it is light, you can really taste the freshness of the tofu. Spicy Grilled Chicken for the awesome marinate and the meat is so tender, so good that I probably finished half the plate!

Thank you SBCD for the invitation, definitely going back for more!

SBCD Korean Tofu House
Address: 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre, #B1-01/02,
Singapore 078884
Opening Hours: Monday through Sunday 11.30am-10.00pm
Seating: Private Dining Area – 24 Seats (4 sections combined), 8 Seats (per section)
Main Dining Area – 96 Seats
Contact: 6386 6441

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