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ABC Waters at Siglap Canal

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Spent my Saturday with PUB at the opening ceremony of ABC Waters @ Siglap Canal (ECP to the Sea) project, the newly created lookout deck which on my left! It was great weather at East Coast Park! The ABC of ABC Waters stand for Active, Beautiful, Clean! There is also an open lawn where the community can look forward to gatherings and activities with unobstructed views of the waterfront! It was an activity-filled afternoon that drew crowds from all walks of life; there were children to young parents and grandparents too!
It was this PUB mascot balloon that led me to the event space!
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It had been awhile since I attended a carnival so I was quite excited at the food stalls; popcorn, cotton candy, popsicle sticks, kachang putih! I literally went to every station and queued for my snacks and candies!
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Besides food stalls, there were activities throughout the afternoon! There were cookie designing booth, coloring station, balloon sculpting, and educational activities like "How to make a mini rain garden"!
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And this book was designed by Vivian! She's amazing!
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Took this book home! It's fully colored and even includes some water-saving tips and milkshake recipes! Fun book to read!
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Walked around to check out the booths with my pink popsicle which was so good for the hot afternoon!
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There were even a Beach Clean Up activity, Zumba Dance and Mass Yoga for everyone to join in the fun!
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Next time, i will be dressed to join in the fun!
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Blessed with beautiful skies and clear blue waters!
If you are keen to come for the next event with us, do download the MyWaters App for more information of the different ABC Waters sites and be informed of upcoming activities!
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There are a lot more information like weather forecast and some interesting videos that cover topics like "Do you know what causes tap water to be milky?"! MyWaters is available for android and IOS mobile phones!
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See you next time, PUB!

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