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Yet another feature with Le-Contour. This post focuses on their work pieces, 2 dresses I wore to work the last week. It is of the perfect corporate world length and I wore them for my formal meetings.

Ruched Dress by Intermax

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Zonia really loves this piece too that she wore it once already. This piece is stretchable and fits UK6-10 well. I am a UK6 while Zonia is 8-10. We love the ruched details at the side, truly a gorgeous LBD that hugs your body in all the right places. A piece you can wear again and again because of its timeless design and comfort.

Panel Sleeveless Miini dress in Fuchsia
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This piece's design is towards the looser fit kind. Structured and A-Line. I do not think I own a fuchsia dress and that was why I picked this color instead of the classic black. I find that this shade really complements my skin tone and makes me appear fairer! It was easy to wear too, a pair of black heels and bag and will be good for meetings already!
Le-Contour.comLe-Contour pieces are tailored by a leading garment manufacturer – Global Designer Solutions, office based in Sydney, Australia! All the dresses on Le-Contour are designed by emerging designers and Le-Contour ensures in producing high-end clothing with strict quality control; while fulfilling the requirements set out by the designers!

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