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KEDS Style

Picked up some new shoes courtesy of KEDS from Royal Sporting House and been wearing them with my shorts and even dresses ever since!

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1. Champion Kate Spade Silky Tassels
Most excited for this pair. This is one of the pairs from KEDS X Kate Spade New York! I have been seeing shoes from this collaboration and glad to be donning one of them! I can't wait to own more! It is true when they say women can never have enough bags and shoes!
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The Kate Spade X KEDS range are available at The Social Foot!
2. Kickstart Retro Court Mono (White/Green)
KEDS well-known for their white sneakers so how can I not pick at least a pair. Kickstart Retro is a new addition to their Kickstart range. The previous edition was solid white while this new one sports a tad of green! I like it- not getting enough of white shoes!
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I wanted to own more pairs of this triple sneakers. Triple cause of it's extra hi-profile silhouette. Never complaining if I can be a few centimeters taller! Taller and yet able to strut around town in comfort. Did you notice? Did i mention that this is Rose Gold?!
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4. Champion Metallic
I chose grey instead of pink because of the color''s versatility. I wore it with shorts and I also wore it with a dress the other day. I like the shimmers on this pair, definitely not our typical solid colored sneakers!
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 photo Photo 27-1-17 3 17 51 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 27-1-17 3 10 39 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 27-1-17 3 51 28 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 27-1-17 3 49 54 PM.jpg photo Photo 27-1-17 4 18 20 PM.jpg photo Photo 27-1-17 4 11 23 PM.jpg
From 8-19th March, quote Zoe at all Royal Sporting House and The Social Foot to enjoy 20% off all KEDS regular priced sneakers! Happy Shopping for over at KEDS over at Royal Sporting House!

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