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Got another 2 dresses from and this time round, I picked a casual skater dress as well as a bodycon work dress.
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If you have read my last post, you would have seen the key reasons why people shop at Le-Contour.comLe-Contour pieces are tailored by a leading garment manufacturer – Global Designer Solutions, office based in Sydney, Australia! All the dresses on Le-Contour are designed by emerging designers and Le-Contour ensures in producing high-end clothing with strict quality control; while fulfilling the requirements set out by the designers!
I picked 2 dresses of different styles, one that is casual and the other suitable for work. First up, my favorite of the 2!
Sleeveless Mini Dress by Estella
Picked this dress from a designer whom I haven't tried her clothes before. This dress is by Estella, and I can't wait to see more of her designs! I think this dress is named "mini" because the caucasian model is tall. I am UK6, standing 1.6M frame- the dress fits me well!
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The dress is not overly tight so I could move around easier and also eat a hearty meal. Definitely very important with all the Chinese New Year feasting going on.
I like the dual tone of this monochrome colored dress, it gives an illusion of a slimmer body and flatters my body. I also love to be in knit cause of its comfort. The dress also looks good enough that I didn't have to accessorize much, I wore a pair of black heels, carried a simple clutch and was good to go.

Striped A-Line Dress By Ella Rodigues
So this is really similar to Two toned A-line Dress in Royal Blue by ELLA RODRIGUES which I picked up last month! 
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I enjoyed the last piece a lot, for it's thick, comfy, high quality knit material. This is slightly more casual as compared to the last piece so I wore it with my new KEDS shoes, shades and hat on one of the sunny weekends.

Having own 4 quality pieces now, I can assure you that Le-Contour's pieces are designed to balance your body curves. The website is easy to browse and I like how Le-Contour's has a simple fitting guide and shop by pre-selected figure-loving fitting. Start shopping now!

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