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IDS Skincare Guest Post

 photo Photo 2-9-16 10 11 02 AM.jpg
It's been 2 months since I embarked on my new skincare regime with IDS Skincare! I went back to my Doctor for a review and stock up on some products which I have finished before my 2-week vacation to Europe!

As I shared on my initial blog post, my concerns were:
  1. Dry face, with my T-Zone being a little oily.
  2. Skin is a little dull and yellowish too.
  3. Blackheads and whiteheads are visible
  4. Pigmentations near my hairline and right cheeks. 
My Doctor was pleased to see that my skin condition has improved! My skin was more radiant and the blackheads/ pores on my nose area have significantly become less visible! She also suggested me to continue to target my cheeks as they are still significantly visible.
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 42 49 PM.jpg
I heard that the sun in Europe was going to be nasty so I stocked up AA and C-Plus! I used these 7 products religiously every day! First 4 products from left are used every day and night while the other 3 products are just every morning!

But before I show you my step by step regime, I thought I share some pictures of my Europe trip, we had a lot of outdoor activities like river cruises, tram rides, open top hop on hop off bus tours and we went to the beach too!
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 32 13 PM.jpg
No filter picture! Just my DD and some blusher!

These activities were mostly an hour long but the hop on hop off at Nice was the longest at 2.5 hours! The most skin-killing activity was this one below.
 photo Photo 6-9-16 6 12 07 PM 1.jpg
Under the scorching sun as we boarded the river cruise in Nice!
And the next 2 photos were taken at the last leg of our vacation, in Zurich!
This was the boy after the river cruise! Really burnt because his skin wasn't protected like mine!
 photo Photo 9-9-16 4 31 51 PM.jpg
And this was mine! I did get a little darker but it was insignificant!
 photo FullSizeRender 2.jpg
This was our 9th day but my skin was still fair! I am so happy that I wasn't a bit lazy and religiously applied my skincare, ate my oral supplements! The pictures I took of Alvin reminded me of I could have been like, tanned and burnt by the unmerciful sun!
These pictures speaks a thousand words now, don't they? After I share these pictures, I feel that the products speak for themselves and I do not need to find big words and try to convince you on how good they are!
If you are keen to try IDS Skincare products too, please continue to read on as I will briefly share how my regime goes! I use the word "my" regime because these products are prescribed to me by my Doctor, you may have a different set of products, all dependent on your skin concerns and skin type!

STEP 1: Reduce blackheads and whiteheads with Pore Formula
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 34 02 PM.jpg
I use Pore Formula only for my T-Zone area, forehead and nose because these are areas where my blackheads and whiteheads are concentrated at.
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 06 00 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 06 19 PM.jpg
Pore Formula (PF) which works to refine pores and reduce blackheads and whiteheads. It minimises oil production without excessive drying. 

STEP 2: Brightening with C-Plus
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 34 54 PM.jpg
This was one of the products that I finished up the fastest! I love C-PLUS! This is an award-winning Star Product for a brighter complexion! photo Photo 2-9-16 3 07 08 PM.jpg
This all-round achiever tackles wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne! This is also the product that makes my skin more radiant!

STEP 3: Bye dark spots with AA
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 35 47 PM.jpg
I also got a new bottle of AA! This helps me lighten my pigmentations! No point if my skin is more even and radiant but there are dark spots on my face! AA is very effective at my hairline and I can't wait to see the results around my cheeks! Will update more on this part in the coming weeks!

STEP 4: Moisturize with Oil-Free Moisturizer 
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 36 34 PM.jpg
I am almost at the last few pumps of OM. Besides giving me moisturized and hydrated skin, I love how it is not sticky. With ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E and botanical extracts with moisturising properties, OM also aid in lightening scars!
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 08 01 PM.jpg

STEP 5: Outdoors with Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA++
After completing these 4 steps, I put on my sunblock! If you have read my first post, I was using the tinted one. But I have changed my sunblock to the non-tinted one because I felt that the tinted one was a little too oily for my oilier T-Zone.
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 37 21 PM.jpg
There are 2 different kinds of sunblocks for different skin types! As we were mostly outdoor and under the scorching sun, I generously apply and especially more on my areas where my face have more pigmentation.
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 08 29 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 08 15 PM.jpg
I believe that this sunblock is one of the key reasons I could maintain my complexion with all that sun going on! It works amazing, especially for someone who doesn't used to use sunblock previously, I am convinced and sold!

 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 38 08 PM.jpg
I didn't share this step the last time round too because this product sells by itself! Everyone knows about DD and so many influencers swear by DD! You may probably be a user of DD yourself! DD was the very first product I picked up at IDS Skincare!
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 07 28 PM.jpg
DD is lightweight and I only need 1 pump to cover my entire face! It is almost half a year now but I am still on my first 10ml bottle! I do not use any other powders or foundations after DD because the coverage is already good!

Picture of me by my favorite window with just IDS Skincare products and without my makeup yet!
 photo Photo 2-9-16 3 08 48 PM.jpg
My skin feels dewy and I am ready to head out just like that! But not just yet, just 1 last step!

STEP 8: LYCO-WHITE- KEEPS THE SUN AT BAY photo Photo 2-9-16 1 40 12 PM.jpg
I also brought along Lyco-White! I didn't share Lyco-White the last time because I did not see significant results yet. Lyco-White is a skin-whitening oral supplement with proven, powerful and patented ingredients!

At my review session, I understand Lyco-White better and am ready to share them with you! I told Chester and Elaine that after taking Lyco-White religiously for about a month, I am not fairer! Chester asked me to show him my underarm, not armpit but the under of my upper arm hahaha! And he said that Lyco-White will help a person achieve a skin tone close to the underarm. And mine was already very close. What Lyco-White would do for me is protect my skin against UV radiation. In even simpler term, it is like oral sunblock.

So this is the second reason (after the non-tinted sunblock) why I didn't get much darker after all that sun in Europe, Lyco-White is truly effective! I am not going to doubt you anymore and get another bottle for my upcoming Beijing trip. I am going to Forbidden City and Great Wall City tours, 2 unsheltered places where the sun will be strong!
 photo Photo 2-9-16 1 22 25 PM.jpg
2 months and this result, I can't wait to share with you how my progress is like when I reach the 6-month mark! See you then! x


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