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This is how we spend most of our time. In front of the TV at home. We recently got connected to ViewQwest's Freedom DNS, and you can tell how happy we, homebodies, are!
Snacks + Live streaming shows!

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If you didn't know, ViewQwest is a boutique Internet Service Provider that empower me and you to access entertainment content and to surf with no limitations.
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 With Freedom DNS, users are empowered to watch hundreds, if not thousands, of Movies, TV shows and more, from a plethora of online streaming services such as Hulu, PPTV China.
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The man is happy because besides catching the latest TV shows, he is also able to connect to tons and tons of apps/sites of different genres. He loves the live sports, game shows and even this stand up comedy guy!
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Check out the list of supported channels!
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I am happy because I can catch shows before they air here, legally!! I am sure you are convinced, but if you want to convince your family even further, here are more reasons why you should sign up with ViewQwest and take up their Freedom DNS service!

And yes, to be able to provide you with access to overseas channels, the internet speed have to be ultra fast! To ensure excellent speed, ViewQwest have implemented best practices such as latency based routing, ensuring that subscribers get exactly what they pay for – ultra-fast internet access!

ViewQwest is Singapore's fastest fibre broadband family because they are the only Internet Service Provider to offer 1GBPS, and 2GBPS Plans! I have taken up the 1Gbps Fibre broadband Plan + Freedom DNS! I am also always on my laptop for work- Blogging, research for office work and so fast internet speed is essential. If you are looking for super fast fibre broadband, sign up HERE!
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Okay see you! I'm off to watch my show!
For more information about Freedom DNS, visit here!

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