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KL August 2016, Day 2.

Day 2 began with a swim and gym at our apartment before we headed to Chinatown and Sekinchan!
Our hotel's gym has the nicest view of the KL Tower! Even the Petronas tower can be seen beautifully!

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In my new Adidas gear and PUREBOOSTX shoes!
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Chinatown for some sesame muah chee and local snacks to buy home for our family!
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Didn't have much to see in Chinatown so love suggested we drove to Sekinchan which was about an hour half away! I cannot ask for a better travel (and life) partner because he plans for everything when we travel. I am so bad with itineraries and directions and he is the exact opposite.
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The view all the way to Sekinchan! Great blue skies and trees!
The GPS didn't bring us to where we wanted but we drove pass some paddy fields! We stopped for some nice pictures with the paddy fields! Forgot to bring our tripod out but no problem! The car doubled up as our tripod as we took these shots (:
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The boy wanted to take this touristy shot which I wasn't too keen actually but the colors were so vibrantly beautiful!
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Where everyone make their wishes and throw up the tree!
Drove back to our apartment. Took a long shower and napped before we woke up for dinner! Good life only during holidays. Sighhh haha!
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Love brought us to this very popular zi char place, Wong Ah Wah Restoran, for dinner! One of the best if not best meals I've had in KL! Definitely a must-go but be prepared to wait for your food!
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This sauce from the prawns is damn shiok!
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Every table orders these chicken wings! These wings take a longer time to be grilled so they were the last to be served. But really, flavorful and a must-order!
If there were more friends with us, we could have ordered more!! I want to try so much more food that love raved about! The big group of China tourists at the next table ordered so much food that they had to stack their plates THRICE!?
Definitely going back with our friends!

Wong Ah Wah Restoran
Address: 9, Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 5PM–12AM
Phone: +60 3-2144 2463

Night ended with Pearl Harbour of Cable TV and foot masks which I got from Korea!
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