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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe Singapore

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Finally met up with my girls and we had our gathering at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe at T3. Seen so many pictures and finally, it's my turn to be there!
Honestly, we were not expecting much for the food because we have been to similar themed cafes which food looked so good but tasted so so. But the food really took us by surprise, we ordered so much!
There are 2 Hello Kitty figurings where the girls (and guys) will take photos with!
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The Singapore Hello Kitty mascot is the ONLY hello kitty with 2 bows in the world! This is the one!
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The 2nd Hello Kitty Figuring which is nearer to the entrance!
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Mabs's favorite pigeon holes!
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The roof of the cafe!

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This was dinner but we still ordered a latte because only the latte and cappuccino comes with Hello Kitty art! :D
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My cooler- Kitty Blush!
It’s a rosy concoction of watermelon juice, basil and soda water!

There are 4 different coolers and Sheila had the Cumbernade, the name already tells you it's of refreshing cucumbers! You may want to ask them to go easy on the syrups if you do not like your drinks too sweet!
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Hola Nachos!
This was one of my favorites because the tortilla chips are super super crunchy! They are topped with oodles of parmesan, jalapenos, olives, onions and cherry tomato salsa for that hint of tangy sweetness. Crowned with luscious cheese sauce, this is so addictive!!

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Garden City Salad
Loving this Mesclun salad for its luscious greens, tender roast chicken slices seasoned with garlic Cajun, raisins and capsicums drizzled generously with wholegrain honey mustard sauce!

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Enchanted Forest
These quesadillas are filled juicy prawns, buttery rich sliced avocado, caramelized onions and melted cheese smothered with HK Cafe's very own wasabi sesame mayonnaise!

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Cowabunga! Wagyu!
This was my favorite main of all that we had! The flavor is so good and the wagyu beef are slow-cooked to tender perfection in a thick and delicious Rendang gravy! We were really taken aback of the quality of this dish. I always have high standards for my beef and this is a MUST ORDER!

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That were actually all but Sheila was still hungry so we ordered 3 more items! The food is really good and so we decided to try the big breakfast, salmon and chicken pasta too! 

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Big Breakfast Surprise!
Creamy scrambled eggs, Shiitake mushrooms, smoked duck slices and a scrumptious kitty waffle – crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Topped with cheese and paired with homemade honey lime maple syrup!
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Land of Rising Kitty
Served on a bed of spaghetti tossed in a classic combination of garlic and chilli, crowned with juicy slices of chicken thigh smothered with Teriyaki sauce and delicately sprinkled with white sesame seeds and seaweed! 
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Kitty goes Fishing 
This was a huge slab of fish! I do not take my fish when they are too fishy so I really liked this! And most importantly, the main comes with a side of greens!
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Treated with desserts after we were done!
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The Cat in The Paradise
Crowned with juicy orange compote slices, this refreshing mango mousse features an almond crumble, berry compote and decadent marshmallow sauce with hints of green apple and strawberry. Light and easy on the palette, this is served with a scoop of hazelnut gelato!

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Hide & Seek
Pandan-infused panna cotta dessert served with vanilla gelato and gula melaka sauce!

This is my favorite dessert of the 2! It's so unique, really uniquely Singapore!
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We shared a scoop of super rich peanut butter ice cream! So good and flavorful, I asked if we there were takeaway pints!
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There are also 8 flavours of gelato! Here's ours with oreo and granola!
I also got a surprise cake and gift from the girls and our host, Rachel!! :D
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Mabs made me take my birthday cake with the pigeon hole!

She actually tried to adjust the kitty chocolate and it dropped into the raspberry syrup so you know the face of kitty was stained red and some actually went into the eye which was sunk in. She made me lick them out and out from the eye holes omg!? Why did I even?!
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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe
Address: Airport Terminal 3 Arrival hall #01-22 
Singapore 819663
65 Airport Blvd, 819663
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Totally not Hello Kitty related, but my birthday present is too pretty not to share! Thank you girls!! :D
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