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Seoul 2016/ Day 11

 photo Photo 16-5-16 8 56 43 AM.jpg
All ready for airport!
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Day 11 was basically just heading back to Lotte Mart to get 22 packets of kimchi for family and friends. Crab sticks and radish to make kimbap at home. 5X kimbap from the food court on level 2 to eat on the way to the airport and back in Singapore. (Yeah, Zonia very siao kimbap)
 photo DSC03118.jpg
checked out!
We had a 1.5 hours before our airport bus transfer so more last minute shopping at Myeongdong after we checked out. Went back to O’sulloc Tea House! Told you I would go back for the scones!
 photo 931b0097-c4a3-4151-a603-0a30f7069f81.jpg
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Omg they were so good! Zonia and I shared the 5000 won for 2 scones and green tea spread dip. The scones were warm and moist, the dip was rich and fragrant. Zonia was trying to put a finger to the familiar taste and yes, it tastes a little like milk chocolate because it is green tea milk spread haha! Bought 4 bottles back home, 2 for Casilda and 1 each for my family and Alvin's! New breakfast's bread spread!
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O’sulloc Tea House
Nearest Station: Myeongdong
Address: 47-1 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone:+82 2-774-5460
Opening Hours: 09:00-22:30 (Friday & Saturday: 09:00-23:00)

 photo Photo 17-5-16 9 36 48 PM.jpg
My parents took these pictures at the Line shop at Myeongdong. Aiyo so cute and regretting not taking too boohoo
 photo Photo 17-5-16 9 36 40 PM.jpg
 photo Photo 16-5-16 9 05 01 AM.jpg
one last pose in Myeongdong before we head to airport!

Most of Seoul's stores offer Tax Refunds and of all the places we have been, only Lotte Mart returns on the spot via deduction of your total shopping bill. The rest of the stores will give you a form and envelope and you have to claim it at the airport.

Be sure to reach the airport earlier for your claims. Remember to fill up the forms before hand and get the stamps before immigration! The counter we went to was near SQ counter, Row J. Not too sure if there are more counters. They may check the receipts against your purchases so do not check in your luggages with items before you get the stamp unless you are going to hand carry them.
 photo DSC03131.jpg
After we check in and for the stamp, I suddenly remembered about the liquid limitations (no more than 100ml is allowed on board). We had a handful of items that were no more 100ml! Lucky we haven't gone into immigration, or else must throw away liao! The kind airport check-in staff allowed us to add in 1 more bag of our and 100ml items even though we have checked in previously already. 
 photo DSC03135.jpg
Did I mention that the total weight for 4 of us was 123.4kg? Ending the post of our 10 baggages (1 baggage added at the last hour) for 4 pax for 11 days in Seoul.

Back in Singapore and took photos of some of our buys from Lotte Mart and convenient stores!
 photo b885261a-c3b5-4b9b-832c-4f545dbc62de.jpg
Honey Butter Chips!
 photo 8e88c146-5e42-4322-9665-7f68dc4be11d.jpg
Market O's Real Cheese Chips!
 photo df92b1b6-9aa2-4708-84a4-157829d993f1.jpg
They are all yellow haha!
 photo DSC03140.jpg
Olive seasoned seaweed
 photo DSC03143.jpg
Everyone's buying this so we bought some too, Honey Butter Almonds!
 photo 5f1c74d5-11e5-46a0-ae5c-899bfb8bd91d.jpg
500g was only about 4500 won. We bought 10 small packets of 80g each for 9900 won to give away! This brand also comes in 1.8kg and 2 kg tubs!
 photo 844865a7-e2c3-447c-80bc-d6b1b0d2fa4c.jpg
We also got the radish version from the same brand!
 photo 3126331b-8a9d-4b3b-a553-bf890bc31e2c.jpg
My Osulloc green tea spread sitting pretty in the fridge! :D

It was a great recharging trip for all of us! And now, I'm back to work and yoga! Working hard to earn more money for our annual travel! Till next vacation! (: 

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