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Happy Marriage, Mr and Mrs Hauser!

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First time at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante and the place is beautiful!! Didn't know such a pretty place existed in my hood! I live about 5 minutes drive away only!

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Picture with my smart date. He wore a blue tie to match my ombre dress teehee
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Loving my flowy Theory of Seven ombre dress for the evening!
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 Solemnization was here in the day!
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Prettiest tea cups for guests! 
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Tic tacs and cups! I love tic tacs and he loves collecting wedding gifts' cups! haha!
The tic tacs were so cute, so whenever during the wedding you want to couple to kiss. You shake it hard!!
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Loving Bonnie's super bling evening gown here!
The food was so good! Definitely returning for a meal and the bread they served was sooooo warm and soft, Alvin and I probably ate a whole basket!
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Pasta with seafood, Alvin loved it so much, he finished his share and mine!
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Cod fish with caviar
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Beef tenderloin
 photo DSC03295.jpg
Panna Cotta
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Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hauser! Happy Marriage to you both! (:

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