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Pluck Singapore

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Mid-week dinner date with lunch at Club Street.

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We were given this bowl of curry popcorn after we placed our order!
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Omg haven't had curry popcorns and this is bombz! Alvin had most of them when I was taking photos of the place!! argh!
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Salted Egg Wings! Always love Salted egg everything!
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8 pieces of Chicken Wing mid-joints, Salted Duck Egg Sauce & Chicken Floss!

Knew I had to order this Grilled Squid when I saw the dinner menu. Alvin loves Grilled Squid but when it came to our table, I was 2x glad I ordered it cause I enjoyed them more!! haha!
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Squid à la Plancha, Peashoots & Amoy Dressing! Love the tangy taste and the squid was chewy yet soft! Shiokness!

Excited to see that Pluck serves Lobster Roll on their menu!
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Oriental Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops, Lobster Ginger Glaze, Ebi Sakura Shrimps, Seaweed Butter & House-made Brioche Bun! Yes, so much goodness in a roll, even scallops!!

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Gai Tod Style ½ Fried Chicken, Citrus, Cucumber,Carrot & Tanghoon Salad.

This is Alvin's favorite dish of the evening. Sri Lankan Crab, House-made Chilli Crab Sauce, Slow-cooked Egg & Hei Bi Shrimp Mantou.
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love the freshly baked mantou!
He loves chilli crab, man tou and hei bi so he was really happy to have them all in a plate! I haven't had a hei bi mantou so this was really interesting for us to try! Good job, Pluck!
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Ended the evening with TEH THAI RIK!!
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Pluck's House-made Thai Tea, Pineapple Ginger Tea Cakes, Spiced Ice Cream!

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Alvin and I were so excited when these were placed on our table! We haven't had anything as close to this! Definitely a must order when you dine at Pluck!

Saving the best for last, a promo code for you guys to dine at Pluck! Simply quote "Zoe" and be entitled to a 10% off your dinner bill from Monday-Thursdays. Valid from now until the 15th of April!

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90 Club Street
Singapore 069458
Tel: 6225 8286

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, lovely post. May I check with you where can I get a similar blue wrap dress that you wore for your post at Pluck? Thanks and great week ahead.