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3 March 2016/ The Proposal

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We arrived at Shibuya via train on 3rd March afternoon. I was still making him help me take some photos of me doing the crossing at the famous Shibuya scramble walk crossing. 

I remember feeling a little shagged, so I had my hair tied up. I even tied it up into a bun a few moments later cause it was a little warm that afternoon. Confirm, I would have let my hair down, spent a little more time doing some nice curls in the morning if I knew it was coming hahahaha! :X

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We were walking about and I saw Disney Store. I am a Disney Princess kinda of girl so of course, I said, eh go in and see see leh. Before that I even wanted to take a shot at the entrance!

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The store was playing Beauty and the Beast and I got Alvin to guess what song that was. And he said "I know lah, Sleeping Beauty!'. 

As usual, I rolled my eyes and laughed at him. The store was full of people and Disney Store was 3-stories high! I remember looking at Tsum Tsum with Janice, telling her that my sister, Zonia loves Tsum Tsum and I even pronounced it wrongly haha! I was also looking for the Micky Tsum Tsum, there were only the fat disney princesses ones.

We went onto to level 2 where it was accessories, those jewelries and I even told Alvin, Eh! you can buy my ring from here!

We continued to level 3, at this point, I was a little surprised that Janice, Asmo and Alvin were so interested in Disney. I had wanted us to leave after the 2nd floor but they kinda "led" me to the 3rd floor. 

I saw Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum the moment I stepped into Level 3 and got excited, took out my phone, snapchat them to Zonia. I saw him holding his camera. I still thought to myself, he got any disney things that he wanted to take here meh?

I continued to focus on mickey tsum tsum and wanted to take a nice shot for Zonia but the iPhone camera wasn't too good especially when the store was pretty dim. I went on to look for Alvin only to find Janice holding onto the camera. When I asked to take it, she kept saying never mind, it's okay I hold. *Suspicious* and there Alvin was, fumbling with his bag. I looked away for a split second & when I turned back, I saw him hiding something. I guess he saw that I saw the box already so he just suddenly passed me a box. 

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Me: Huh? Like that one meh? Did you ask Mommy?

My words were omg.... like that one meh? Did you ask mommy already?

I couldn't share them all over Instagram. But Janice was helping us take pictures while Asmo was taking a video for us throughout the proposal.

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Me: Returned the box

And I quickly walked to a less crowded spot in the store. 
My ears didn't seemed like my ears but I vaguely heard Asmo saying kneel down and propose la. Omg?!
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Me: He started to open the box but I quickly shut it close just as he was about to open. There were so many people in the store and around us! I then spent probably a minute saying no no omg no.

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And when I saw that there were not so many people around us, I said "ok now!!" and I just shoved my hand to him lol.

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My face when Alvin said: Wha this is easy. No need to ask even.

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He put the ring on.

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We left the shop, hand in hand. And Janice suggested we take a photo outside the store. And Alvin held onto my hand for the shot. If you haven't realised, we were trying to imitate Cinderella and her prince from the glass window behind us (:
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Thank you, love, for the random proposal at my "favorite" disney store! I have always snickered at him saying that it is hard to surprise me. You truly did it, man! Thank you, Janice and Asmo for being part of this! The photos were so well taken and so much effort for the video! :D
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First picture taken for my family. 
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First snapchat was this shot with OMG caption.
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First day as a fiancée. :D

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Zoe! Could you share the brand and carat of the diamond please? It's huge!