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Huang Ah Ma

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Always trilled to go for massages! Thank you, Huang Ah Ma for inviting Alvin and I for a pampering session last week! Just what we needed after a long week! We had a pampering session of 1 hour foot massage and 1 hour of full body massage.

Huang Ah Ma is conveniently located at Chinatown, which is really a stone throw away from my place. I frequent Chinatown pretty often and in fact, always dine at the korean restaurant just next to where Huang Ah Ma is situated, in Porcelain Hotel!

We were first ushered into a private room to start off the foot reflexology!

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Hot ginger tea!
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Look who fell asleep at the foot reflexology!

Alvin slept away while I watched the korean movie which was playing on the big screen in front of us!

We were lead to the next room for our hour long full body massage. 

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Thank you Huang Ah Ma for the pampering session! We will definitely be back for more! Alvin love his masseur a lot, it made him feel so relaxed after his body massage! 

Huang Ah Ma is giving away the exact same treatment of an hour foot massage and an hour body massage worth $252 to a lucky couple this Valentine's! Find out how you can win this massage over on my instagram page!
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May I know what camera you are using?