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NETS FlashPay

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As girls, there are many days where we travel light. Like days when we are headed for a dinner date or a girls' night out where we would carry a small clutch. A clutch does not allow us to bring our wallets and so we would have to pick out the most important ones in our wallet to bring out. I used to have to spend some time considering which cards to include.

My thought process would include:
Definitely my MRT card since I am taking the public transport today!
Just 1 credit card!
I need my ATM card just in case the place I go do not accept credit cards?

I would end up being frustrated as I walk to my drawer to dig for a small pouch to carry these cards, above some money, my condo access card and keys.

What if I can just have 1 single card that can serve to all my needs?
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NETS FlashPay can do just that! When it comes to commuting, Singaporeans tend to relate to MRT cards much better than NETS FlashPay. But did you know that some of our MRT cards are actually NETS FlashPay cards. Additionally, some of our bank ATM cards come with a NETS FlashPay function as well!

Besides using NETS FlashPay as a micropayment option for cashless purchases at restaurants and shopping malls, I can use it to travel around Singapore as well!

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Look for this top up machine at the MRT station for your top ups! Simply put your card on the reader and swipe your credit card/ ATM card for the top up, just like your regular MRT cards top up!

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What an amazing capability of 1 single card!

Before you go to your wallet and check if you have this NETS FlashPay logo on your bank cards, do read on for an exciting rebate promotion first!

From 1st November 2015, get 10% rebate on your NETS FlashPay card when you use it to travel on the MRT, LRT, bus and taxi. For every $10 top-up (up to $30 a month) on your NETS FlashPay enabled bankcard, you will enjoy 10% rebate!

Here’s how you can enjoy this promotion in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Check that your bank card has a NETS FlashPay logo at the back. Then top up your card. NETS FlashPay works just like our regular MRT cards, so top-ups can be easily done via 3 ways:

  • Local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB) 
  • NETS self-service top-up machines 
  • Add Value Machine Plus(AVM+)
Step 2: Travel with your bank card with NETS FlashPay!
Step 3: Redeem your rebates at any Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+) located at MRT stations, bus interchanges or selected bus stops.

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I take the public transport especially the MRT a lot, so I am totally enjoying the rebate because it means, I can make more trips with my usual top ups now! 

Small clutch? Not a problem! (:

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Tysh said...

will Portugal ever have that? I wonder... That seems to facilitate our life so much... I hope Portugal gets that *.*