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Juices all day

My family haven't bought a new slow juicer for sometime now and I almost forgot how much I love my juices! I had some time over the weekend before yoga practice and so I went to the fridge and took out whatever fruits I could find. So Sunday morning's breakfast was a healthy cold-pressed 3 fruits and 1 vegetable juice!

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All ready to be juiced were an apple, orange, pear and carrot! After assembling the JNC Slow Juicer which took no more than 8 minutes, I quickly washed and cut up my fruits into smaller pieces. 

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Let's go!

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I was pretty surprised on how powerful the machine was. After stuffing the fruits in, I didn't have to put in any force to press the fruits. There are 2 outputs, 1 for the juice and the other for the fibers. You can tell that it's not messy and fuss-free!

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The juice output also comes with a stopper which is optional to put on. If you are juicing a few items like I did, you may want the juice to be well mixed.

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The 3 fruits and 1 vegetable's juice were just right a portion for love and I! We had 2 big, full cups from our juicing!

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Even though the fibers were well separated, I could still drink pulps from the orange! I always love biting on those pulp bits in my fruit juices! 

With it's slow grinding capability of turning and grinding 80 times per minute, it allows for maximum juice output yet retains nutrients while extracting the juice! That definitely explained the orange pulps!

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I picked up this Slow Juicer from Buy Home Singapore's office. That's right, they are the same people who brought us the smoothie blender! Their retail office was pretty packed when I was there. You can actually make your purchases there and then and there is assistance available should you need help in th explanations and assembling! You can get your set here now at S$129.00 (UP: $199.00). The Slow Juicer set even comes along with 2 different filters and 1 year warranty!

Now that I have tried fruits and vegetables, I can't wait to get some soy beans to make some fresh soy milk for my family! 

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