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Black Hair Salon

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You would have known by now that I am with Black Hair Salon together with my sister! It is so much fun to go for hair appointments with Zonia! I can't stand being alone so company is great!! :D

I have gone for a new color, tried bangs again, intensive hair treatments and I am loving it! Everyone at Black is nice and accommodating! Anthony have been doing my hair for me and I love his patience and he actually gave me these beautiful pleats for a recent shoot! You have to go for their pampering and superb 3-step intensive hair treatment!! I have dry hair, especially at the ends and I love this treatment so much that I've done it twice now! Quote Zoe for 10% off your hair services! (: 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I ask where did you get the couple Mickey and Minnie hand phone cover? Thanks !