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Craze for Churros!

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Paid Suyi and Jeremy's Churros Factory a visit over the weekend at Junction 10, Churros Factory's 5th outlet!! It's been awhile since I had their churros, we last had it on our yacht party! That's right, they do deliveries too and so you can have piping hot and fresh churros at your parties and functions!

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Things Churros just got more exciting! They have so many new flavors in store! Besides the usual sweet flavored ones, they now offer savory churros!! I enjoyed the seaweed one so much that I bagged 1 bag home for the family!

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If you had followed me on Snapchat (@Zoeraymondtan), you would have seen live feeds of these churros! Oh how yummy they were. 

We were spoilt for choice but since there were only 2 of us, we got a portion of chocolate banana, ondeh ondeh and seaweed churros. 

The ondeh ondeh one is so good!!! It's really special, and definitely the first in Churros history and unique to Singapore food culture!

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More pictures to make you drool :P

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We accompanied our freshly made churros with chocolate milkshare (love's) and ribena fizzy drink in a pretty maison jar! 

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Churros Factory is open Daily from 11:30-22:00! 

Churros Factory is located at I12 Katong, West Coast Park, City Square Mall, Junction 10 and Westgate! View their website here for the exact outlet locations!

You can place your party orders or contact 85000700, 97769955 for further enquires!

Go visit one of Churros Factory's outlet now and quote Zoe for a 10% off! 

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