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Better Skin.

Photo 26-6-15 4 00 57 pm

I face a couple of issues with my skin, one of which is always highlighted when I meet new or old friends; that is my visible deep laugh lines. Whenever I do not smile, these lines are so obvious, I probably look a few years older than my age.

Photo 26-6-15 4 14 08 pm

After a consultation session with my doctor, he recommended the spectra carbon peel, a safe and effective treatment that reduces skin irregularities and signs of aging such as these laugh lines. The superficial facial resurfacing procedure involves the use of concentrated, pulsing beams of light and carbon spectra lotion to rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition.

Photo 26-6-15 4 07 38 pm

I remember going with my best friend, Jing, for 1 of her facial treatments about 2 years back. I seem to always follow her for her treatments but this particular treatment vividly because she had her whole face darkened black and the "tiak tiak" sound that the laser produced.

So I now know that this laser treatment is called the spectra carbon peel. This procedure is used to deliver effective outcomes for the treatment of a wide variety of beauty concerns!

Photo 26-6-15 4 45 58 pm

The carbon is applied on my face for 15 minutes before the laser session! Selfies since I had to wait haha! 

Photo 26-6-15 4 45 51 pm

Photo 26-6-15 4 45 47 pm

Besides my main concern to reduce fine lines on my face, it can also lighten scars from acne, tighten skin on the face and neck. This treatment can also improve skin tone and texture!

Let's go!!

Photo 26-6-15 4 54 08 pm

And my face got clearer and clearer (no more black!) as the session went on... The laser beam is absorbed by the carbon particles in the lotion, which then penetrate the pores.

Photo 26-6-15 4 56 15 pm

This thermal effect heats up and stimulates the cells in the underlying skin layer to generate collagen, a component that is vital to the regeneration of new skin. it also stimulates collagen production, causing the inner walls of the pores to shrink.

Photo 26-6-15 4 59 22 pm
Almost done!

I was also recommended by the doctor to do the iontophoresis, which is an advanced ionizing facial treatment that uses a mild electric based delivery of essential vitamins. This allows the vitamins to be infused deep within the layers of the skin. At the same time, the high potency vitamin c encourages cell renewal and prevents pigments from surfacing resulting in a natural healthy glow and fairer skin tone.

Photo 26-6-15 5 07 51 pm

Photo 26-6-15 5 17 34 pm

Photo 26-6-15 5 10 15 pm

The Spectra Carbon Peel allows a full face to be treated in less than 20 minutes with minimal discomfort and downtime! Aside from the mild redness after the treatment, I did not feel any pain and left the clinic to take a couple of OOTDs and even had dinned and did some shopping with my family! Amazing!

Photo 26-6-15 6 09 46 pm

Photo 26-6-15 6 09 40 pm

There is no downtime for the Spectra Carbon Peel. I am sure you couldn't tell that I just completed a session of laser treatment! 

Although I did not see visible results immediately after my treatment, I could see that my skin tone is brighter, more even, smoother and more supple after 2 days! My laugh lines are visibly lightened too!! I remember calling out to my Mom and sister that morning to come look at my face!

I took this a few days before my treatment.


I was complaining that my fingers should have moved a little over so to cover those unsightly laugh lines!

These pictures were taken 2 days after the treatment, without makeup and filters.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

My skin is more radiant as well and I can even stepped out of the house without makeup now! Thank you @drjyong for giving me better skin and the treatment they did for me was spectra carbon peel!

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