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Saturday night with Purink!

Photo 17-1-15 9 01 48 pm

Saturday night with the girlfriends whom I have known for 13 years!

Photo 17-1-15 6 59 35 pm

We always love korean bbq and Superstar K have always been one of our favorite korean bbq hangouts!

So we met up at 7pm for dinner at Superstar K. Met up with En earlier cause she was shopping alone and we went to Superstar K half an hour early. We were not able to be seated till at least 70% of our guests arrive. Our friends always have punctuality issues so we ended up only getting our table at around 730pm sighhhh.., famished!

Photo 17-1-15 7 47 41 pm
With En! 

Photo 17-1-15 7 42 33 pm

Photo 17-1-15 7 44 09 pm
We love Superstar K cause steamed egg is one of their banchan! :D

Photo 17-1-15 8 07 56 pm
The boys' beef bibimbap!

Photo 17-1-15 7 48 55 pm
Feast for 8!! :D :D 

We ordered so much food! 2 portions of beef ribs, chicken, pork belly, tofu stew, kimchi stew, bibimbap, kimchi ramen, seafood and kimchi pancake!! :D 

Photo 17-1-15 8 13 22 pm
Jing wrapped spicy chicken, rice and lettuce for Pris! :D

We have booked our air tickets to Korea in April. It's the first time that we are travelling altogether after knowing one another for 13 years. And this is our first trip with our partners as well, that is 8 of us!! Can't wait for it!! (: 

Photo 17-1-15 9 01 41 pm

Superstar K
75 Tanjong Pagar Road
Opening Hours:
Tue - Sun: 11:30 - 14:30
Tue - Sat: 17:30 - 23:00
Closed: Mon
Tel: +65 62240504

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