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Hair Pampering with Kenzie Professional Care.

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Starting to take more pride in keeping my hair healthy and soft by using this Kenzie Professional Care Deep Moisture Treatment! With regular tonging of my hair ends and coloring, it causes my hair to be dry and dull especially at the ends.

All Kenzie Professional Care high-quality products are formulated in Korea and are the best hair care solutions for all hair types. And more importantly, affordably priced!

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This deep moisture masque contains silk proteins, care lipids and jojoba oil. I am especially drawn to products with jojoba oil as an ingredient. Besides heated styling and color chemical hair services, chemical packed shampoo, moisturizing hair product, styling solutions and hair sprays also causes our hair to be dry, weak and destroyed. Even the easy act of brushing and blow drying can also cause hair breakage and deterioration!

To reverse the damage triggered by such hair solutions, you can engage in deep conditioning of your hair in a normal and balanced way by using organic oils in your hair. Jojoba oil is extremely efficient in dealing with dry and damaged hair and various other hair issues such as hair loss, dandruff and oily hair. 

An organic balancer, it is excellent for all hair types but it is particularly good for hair that is dry and damaged, has split ends and is vulnerable to tangling. Jojoba oil retains the hair moisture well. 

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Directions are easy! Apply to clean, wet hair. Spread an adequate portion and comb your fingers through the hair!

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Making sure it's as evenly spreaded as possible! 

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Costing more especially at the dry ends! 

I prefer to keep the treatment on for 15 minutes but of course, I do not stay in the toilet for that long so I bun up my hair and do some work.

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Meanwhile. Selfies :X

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After 15 minutes is up, just thoroughly rinse through with cold water! (:

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My hair is significantly softly after the treatment and I'm religiously using it twice a week now!

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If you like to get your hands on this big 500ml bottle too, visit Kenzie Professional Care and quote Zoe for 15% off storewide! (:

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