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Beautiful Sunday!

Photo 22-8-14 12 16 12 pm

Good morning Sunday!! Just done with my 2 hours Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga and prepared my breakfast!

Photo 22-8-14 12 24 28 pm

Breakfast today is a heart-shaped egg, 2 slices of Hello Kitty toasts and blackcurrant jam from London! Made breakfast today using my new kitchen appliances! (:

Photo 22-8-14 11 50 33 am
Heart-shaped egg pan! :D

Photo 22-8-14 12 09 16 pm
Hello Kitty imprinted on my bread!!

I think the imprints would have been more obvious on white bread but my family only buy wholemeal bread. Next time will buy white bread for the toaster hehe!

Photo 22-8-14 12 14 03 pm

Photo 22-8-14 11 47 15 am
Hello Kitty Toaster, Pot and Heart-shaped egg pan!

Photo 22-8-14 12 34 45 pm
My Hello Kitty Toaster!! Feels like i'm carrying a Hello Kitty bag!

Photo 22-8-14 12 36 36 pm

Besides new kitchen appliances, I also got a new helper to clean the floor! So lazy to sweep the floor so this Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has been really helping me keep my floor clean! I just had to leave it running and it would go around the room on her own! (:

Photo 22-8-14 12 41 29 pm

Photo 22-8-14 12 47 15 pm

Touch-sensitive bumper allows V. Bot to turn around and away when it hits the bed frame and cupboards!! So what I do is close my room door and leave her running around the room for awhile and move her to the next room after that! 

V. Bot is specially designed “sweep and suck“ motion that hardly tangles hair

Photo 22-8-14 12 47 42 pm
All the dust and waste would be collected by V. Bot!

I took a video of her in action and how much dust and unsightly hair was collected. :P

Video of how it worked!! 

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Unknown said...

Hi where did you get the hello kitty toaster?