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Innsbruck, Austria 2014

Photo 6-5-14 1 37 43 pm

Started the morning with buffet breakfast at our hotel. Though the Trafalgar tour package does not cover all lunches and only some dinners, they cover all breakfasts! (: 

Got to thank my sister and parents for taking so much shots for me cause I had heaps of advertorial features to do in Europe! They were patient and sometime after countless of shots, I end up using a selfie cause I kinda know my best angles. Like I would feel the one above was fat. Haha! :P

Photo 6-5-14 1 33 39 pm

So after breakfast, we jumped into our coach for our ride to Innsbruck, Austria! It was one of those long coach rides where we slept and woke, slept and woke. We had frequent rest stop breaks for pee breaks and pick up of some food if we were hungry. 

This was the most beautiful rest stop which we stopped at. Zonia and I took photos as our parents did their little shopping at the rest stop. 

Photo 6-5-14 4 54 40 pm

Photo 6-5-14 4 46 21 pm

It was greens and blues everywhere as we were inching towards Innsbruck!! (:

Photo 6-5-14 4 51 56 pm

We stopped by for some lunch and we also did some chocolate shopping cause Kinder was really cheap there!!! :D :D 

Photo 7-5-14 12 35 20 am

Photo 7-5-14 12 35 48 am

One of the bad thing about the trip was we were given only a few hours per stop. It was also understandable cause this 12 day trafalgar tour that we took aims to cover as much of Europe as possible. We wanted to look around this beautiful city so we just got some pizza and hotdog buns so we could spend the free and easy time looking around.  

Hawaiian pizza!!

Photo 7-5-14 12 38 39 am


Lecker Bissen hotdog which we chanced upon and decided to get 2 too cause there was quite a number of locals getting their hotdog fix!!

Photo 7-5-14 12 39 12 am
More Kinder and there are the old school eggs!

Kinder Surprise eggs are now old school in Singapore but definitely not old school in Europe. Oh boy! I hope they bring these Kinder Surprise back. I don't understand why they took it away, the new ones are pretty not attractive and I have never tried them since they were changed to. I'm Kinder Surprise's loyal supporter. We grew up with them!!

Enough of Kinder Surprise, one of the shots I took on my iPhone cause the chocolate fudge waffles cones were too beautifully seated on the baker's table! (:

Photo 7-5-14 12 04 50 am

Let me show you Innsbruck, Austria. This view was just in front of us as we walked this shopping district. The view was spectacular, breathless. We were so excited and we took so many shots with it. Doesn't it look like a painting? 

Photo 7-5-14 12 30 25 am

Photo 7-5-14 12 28 36 am

My parents (:

Photo 7-5-14 12 28 17 am
Zonia! (:

And our first Gelato from Tomaselli Gelateria!! Highly recommended by our guide, Emile! 

Photo 7-5-14 12 25 27 am
The gelato was good. And this picture makes me happy until today.

Zonia with her gelato fix too!! (:

It was another evening which we had dinner in the hotel. Our hotel, Bon Alpina, was beautiful. Our favorite hotel of all. It was homely, cosy, situated higher above and away from the shopping district. 


Photo 7-5-14 1 15 29 am
View from our room's window!! I can just stand at this window every morning and be contented. 

Small but very cosy room 

Chocolate loots for the friends and family!! 

Photo 7-5-14 11 15 49 pm
View of the church in front of the hotel at night after dinner. 

And some shots of the florist house next to the hotel!! Their flowers are on sale at the lawn and never closes!!! You can't do that in Singapore.. Your flowers would be gone. 

Photo 7-5-14 11 15 11 pm



Photo 7-5-14 4 26 26 am
Mama's 30 cents beer!! 

Started the morning really early cause we wanted to take clearer shots of the surroundings and of course the florist house! (: 

Photo 7-5-14 2 52 04 pm
So beautiful isn't it? 

Photo 7-5-14 2 51 09 pm

Photo 7-5-14 2 50 09 pm

Photo 7-5-14 2 54 47 pm
So so beautiful Tulips that you look like fake flowers!!! 

Photo 7-5-14 2 54 21 pm

Photo 7-5-14 2 53 39 pm

Photo 7-5-14 2 52 51 pm
Comfy and stretchy paddlepop jeans from hollyhoque!! 

Family shot on my camera's self timer before we left Innsbruck ): Innsbruck is Zonia's favorite place of all that we visited. 

Photo 7-5-14 11 14 10 pm

Photo 7-5-14 11 13 44 pm

Took this shot as we were leaving Innsbruck for Venice (: 

Photo 7-5-14 1 44 05 pm (1)

En Route to Venice! In the next post, many pictures of the famous gondolas! (:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I ask what camera did you use for this set of photos? The colours are so vibrant!

Tysh said...

kinder chocolats are very expensive in Portugal, expecially the easter one, the big one... T_T

I LOVE THEM they are my favorites, better than Milka! =D