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London 2014

Photo 30-4-14 4 31 54 pm

We have been back from London for about a month now but my heart is still there. I find myself scrolling through the photos from our 3 week long vacation and wishing we could go back there. I finally found time to pen down this post. Hehehe! I mean, it's 3 weeks of posts. I am going to summarize the trip to the cities if not there would be 21 posts and I bore everyone! :D

So we started the trip from London. We took a flight with Singapore Airlines and only paid S$5,400 for GV 4 (4 to fly) during one of their promotions. We went free and easy in London and Manchester and took a tour with Trafalgar Tours for the rest of our trip, covering (in order) Amsterdam, Rhineland, Innsbruck, Venice, Rome, Florence, Switzerland and Paris! It was pretty much a taster trip cause it was our family's first time to Europe and we wanted to cover more so to know which we really love and come back again to those. 

We resided at Park Grand London Hyde Park located at Paddington for the first few nights in London. The service was bad. They were unhelpful and rather rude in our opinion however the hotel is located at a very convenient location, near train stations, restaurants and a supermarket. 

Photo 30-4-14 4 28 45 am

This was my 13-hour long flight outfit! Wearing Hollyhoque's Petals Of Roses Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse! (:

Photo 30-4-14 4 28 31 pm

Photo 30-4-14 5 02 04 pm
Sissy looking so cool! :D

My sister is behind the camera for all my nicely shot OOTD! :D 

Photo 1-5-14 7 04 59 pm

Photo 1-5-14 7 02 20 pm

Photo 1-5-14 6 37 08 pm

We relied a lot on google maps to take us along London. It was pretty easy cause Zonia is really good with maps! 

Our first stop was Trafalgar Square at Westminster!

Photo 1-5-14 2 29 36 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 36 54 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 31 16 am
My good looking parents! :D

Photo 1-5-14 2 27 27 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 26 22 am


What's London without a shot with the iconic red telephone booth and Big Ben? (: 

Photo 1-5-14 3 15 20 pm

Photo 1-5-14 3 01 46 am


And a walk-shot along the Mall towards Buckingham Palace!

Photo 1-5-14 2 38 34 am
Love the greens, the air was so fresh to walk this road!

Photo 1-5-14 2 43 09 am
Cause everyone wants a shot too...

Photo 1-5-14 2 42 15 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 40 24 am
Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace!

Zonia took this shot and this was one of the nicest shot we could get cause it was so packed with people!


Photo 1-5-14 2 45 18 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 44 50 am

Photo 1-5-14 2 44 18 am
Parents with the London Eye!

We had dinner at Chinatown.


We went for Burger & Lobster too! We took awhile to find the place and when we called them to ask for exact directions, they weren't the most helpful I would say... 

We were coming back to London after our tour so we left some of the other landmarks till to we are back. We took a train to Manchester to visit my uncle who's family migrated there and also to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford!!! 

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SIMONE said...

Nice to hear about your London trip! Don't be astonished about some bad service, it is kind of a hit and miss there... I had rude staff at good hotels and more friendly at budget places.
Often, people in the streets were really sweet with directions, but Chinatown gave me the jitters in terms of helpfulness and quality of food, unfortunately. Even our friend who is a Londoner wasn't treated well.
Other than that, London is always worth a visit.
I also had to giggle about how you are still thinking about having been here. It is so normal for us to hop around Europe, and I long to go to Singapore, get away from the constant awful weather and the weather changes and have heat, palms and a hustle and bustle that is different to European big cities.
Ah well :)


Walking In May said...

Lovely holiday photos! Hope the service sector didn't put you off London, unfortunately we happen not to be one of the friendliest of cities. But I do love London for her honesty and vibrancy.