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Back from Japan!

Photo 18-6-14 10 47 00 am

I have been neglecting this space because I've too many travel backlogs that I do not know where to begin!! I have 3 weeks of Europe and now Kyoto and Osaka to blog. Europe kind of scares me cause it's so so many days but I really want to pen it down. After all, it's my first time to Europe & it's definitely going to be the only time I will be going to some of these places.

Anyway, if you have been following me on Instagram, I have been very very prompt and efficient there hahahaha!! Please follow me HERE if you haven't. :P I just got back from Japan, it was a trip with my Grandmother, Gugu Julie and cousin Yu Xin! It is my first time travelling with Gugu & Xin and not only second time with Ah ma. The last time we travelled was when I was in primary school; that is eons ago. I hope to travel with her yearly if time permits. And have all her 8 other grandchildren come together! 

This post will just be a summary of the trip. Give me a little more time to do detailed postings please! Meanwhile, you can read my detailed Tokyo posts first! :D So we spent most of our days in Japan in Kyoto. 

Started the first day having lunch and shopping at Kyoto's Nishiki Arcade Market! Lunch was Sooooooo good, Ichiran Ramen. If you have tried it, you would agree with me it's one of your best or even your best ramen ever!! 

Photo 18-6-14 10 38 18 am

Getting the entrance tickets to Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion)! We visited quite a number of famous shrines this trip and Kinkaku-ji has to be one of my favorites!!

Photo 18-6-14 10 41 36 am
Wearing the very versatile Fashionably Off Shoulder Top!

Photo 18-6-14 12 16 52 pm
Shades from Italia Independent!

Photo 18-6-14 12 01 17 pm
Nice nice hair for Japan! :D

Photo 18-6-14 2 20 50 pm
Taking a break with Macha Ice cream at Arashiyama Bamboo Grove!!

Photo 18-6-14 2 06 27 pm

Went to the "country side" for some fabric during! 

Photo 17-6-14 2 59 42 pm
With the youngest cousin, Xin at our hotel Grand Bach's entrance!

We were both clad in Hollyhoque!! I was wearing the Fun In Scallop Cropped Top and Splendid & Sweet Laser Eyelet Skirt! Xin was in Peek-A-Boo Chiffon Spaghetti Top!

Photo 17-6-14 3 20 21 pm
Exploring Gion!

Photo 17-6-14 2 43 01 pm
At Grand Bach's lobby in my furry boots that are so comfortable!

Photo 21-6-14 2 27 19 pm

Photo 18-6-14 7 47 43 am

Photo 18-6-14 7 46 47 am

I had nice, volumised curls for most of the days this trip. All thanks to BaByLiss Pro! It gave me these curls and waves within minutes. I spent only 15 minutes to attain this hair do. All I needed to do is separate my hair into small parts. Then, I clip it using BaByliss. BaByliss will suck in my hair and magic works in there!!

Photo 17-6-14 2 39 00 pm

Photo 17-6-14 2 36 15 pm

After the beeps, I release and the curls are there instantaneously! I am never going to use any other curler cause it takes me too much time! Twirling and heating, twirling and heating over a curling wand is painful after you use BaByliss for once. 

Photo 18-6-14 11 52 28 am

Here's a demo video of how BaByliss does her magic! (: 

All above BabyLiss, shoes and bags in post are couteousy of Mercado9. If you see anything you like, do quote ZOERAYMOND for 10% off your purchases! (: 

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Anonymous said...

can share where do you get that black bag and the cost?

minghui said...

Hi Zoe, may I know where can I get the white top from the last forth picture of the post.

Tysh said...

the glasses are so nice!!

Anonymous said...

hi,tThe coupon quote for Mercado9 does not even work.

Anonymous said...


Is the quote for purchasing of Mercado9 items still valid?