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Dreams by The Nail Status


Happy to be back at The Nail Status!! My last set lasted me since Lunar New Year!! It served me so well, it didn't break nor chip! Finally found time to go back for a fresh new set! (:


Vainpok :P



This was how long my nails were!! :P

Christine chose the design for me, always believe that they would give me nothing but the best so I never have to headache over what designs to do! 

For customers, TNS has 2 iPads with hundreds of designs to browse through! So you customers can always make an appointment without knowing what to do and request for the iPads to browse the designs and decide there and then! (: 


The set that Chris decided for me was girly, sweet and colorful! The kind that I would always adore! :D :D

The design started with a french tip, followed by paddlepop on the french tip and hand-drawn intricate lace details! 

Lace over the paddlepop french is so beautiful and interesting to watch!

Having my good leg scrub!! :D


Hi Jony!!

She's hard at work, drawing the laces on my 10 fingers. Rub my eyes also must do it really slowly.....


Dual pink ribbons going on!!

Perfect!! :D

I can have matching toes too!! :D 


The ribbons look like they were sticked on! 

Chris came to camwhore and take some shots for me!! :D


Very very happy with my new nails! Show them to you now! (:

photo 1

There's everything I like for nails all in 1 design! There's colorful french, there's lace, there's pink and bows!! 
I like how the paddlepop colors are done subtly, not overpowering the french tips! (:

photo 2


Dreams by The Nail Status
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $90

Gelish Pedicure: $55. Dry Gelish Pedicure: $40

View here for my past TNS nail designs! (:

Members 15% off. Students and Aircrews 10% off for ala cart services (min. $10)

Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005


Looking like stickers!!

photo 5

photo 4

And i did a instavideo at this The Nail Status visit!! Sorry that it's small! 

photo 2
Matching toes and fingers!

Mabs was sick so we didn't get to see her! We will be having her birthday party tomorrow on a yacht!! Very excited because it's my first time on a yacht going out to sea! I've been on berthed yachts for event jobs but not one that sails! :P We are going to have so much fun!! :D :D

And some shots taken earlier in the day at the office! (:


A colleague of ours, Kelvin, lives in Malaysia and travels to and fro everyday! He would get us RM1.50 nasi lemak sometimes!! That is like S$0.60!! 


There's nothing much in the banana leaf packet but the chili is so good, you can just have it plain and taste so good still! 


And a camwhore shot with my new classic watch!! :X

Wore one of the dresses from Hollyhoque's latest launch! I counted, I have only 3 black dresses in my wardrobe :X I am very rarely in black because I love brighter colors, they kinda have the power to make me happy! HAHA! When I saw this dress online, I had wanted to red one, but Sheila must have known that I am always in red and not black and so decided to send me the black one instead.


Heart’s Desire Dress is really a beauty. The length is good for work and just what I needed, some formal dresses. 


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Tysh said...

the nails were done so cuuuute!

Anonymous said...

Hihi where to get the vintage watch? Pls share