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DIY whitening with Tooth Angels!


So the last time I did my teeth whitening at Tooth Angels was in February 2012, right after I removed my braces of 1.5 years! The whitening lasted me a good 2 years and now i'm back again for another round of whitening! The last time I did in-clinic whitening and this time I've decided to give the home whitening kit a try, whitening at my own convenience! I chose to do my kit during Lunar New Year so I can have a set of nice teeth for New Year! :D :D

This is the questions a lot of people would ask, 'How long will the whitening last?".
This really depends on individual. Mine lasted quite awhile because I do not drink coffee, tea and seldom take carbonated soft drinks. It's understandable, isn't it? If you are a fan of coffee or smokes regularly, stains would return very quickly. 

So, I made a trip to Tooth Angels to have my teeth moulds taken to make the customized trays. Went down just 2 days later to pick up!! The home-kit comes with 2 teeth whitening syringes with the teeth trays! 


So mandatory before whitening shots!!!  

Stained yellow :X

You simply fill the included trays with 0.5mL (to your own preference) of the teeth whitening gel and place the trays in your mouth. 



Do not squeeze too much in, thinking it will aid in whiter teeth! Too much gel will cause it to overflow out of the trays and sting your gums! :X there was once I had a little too much and oh boy... it didn't feel good!

Looks just like my retainers!


I always have my kit on for 30 minutes before going to rinse and brush off all residue! There's a little bubbly feeling and sound when you have the kit on, but nothing to worry, it does not hurt at all! Feels kinda shiok to feel and hear that cause I know my whitening kit is doing magic! :P

Some pictures after 3 days of using the home-kit!! 




If you forgot how my teeth looked like earlier... here goes....


Here's a before and after shot after just 3 days of whitening! The lightening (took the earlier shots in the evening where I usually wear my moulds before I go to bed) may have played a part but the teeth is remarkable cleaning and whitening. 


Teeth Whitening $1000 (Original price $1600)
Plus now we'll throw in a free home whitening kit too!!

 Metal Braces $3800 (Original price $4500)
No down payment. Installments of $200 only

Clear Braces $5000 (Original price $7000)
Down payment of $1500. Subsequent installments of $250

For all promotions, Tooth Angels will need the patients to come in first to see if they're suitable candidates for the procedure, and also to speak to them on any possible scenarios. So it'd be great if you can make a call or drop an email for an appointment first. 

Branch Locations
 The Central, #B1-01,
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817
Tel : 6222 6220 Fax : 6222 6420 Coronation Plaza, #02-34, 587

Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269707 Tel : 6468 0189
 Fax : 6468 0104



The teeth whitening kit helps me break away those unwanted stains to find your best, beautiful, white smile underneath. This home teeth whitening kit provides everything you need to improve your smile, including enough gel for up to 7 treatments. However, you must wear the mouth trays for up to 30 minutes (orthodontist may advise different time per person) each day for the 7 days to receive the optimal results.

A whitening kit will help you receive the smile you've always wanted!! (:

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Tysh said...

I see results! nice =D

Sharon said...


Can I check with you, the "metal braces $3800 (Original price $4500)
No down payment. Installments of $200 only"

Does it apply to full time student only?


Anonymous said...

Hi, can I know where you get the necklace?