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Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry for neglecting this space! Been slacking for the 15 days of Chinese New Year! :P But i've been very active on Instagram! :D 

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Hope you guys had a happy, fat New Year and a happy, blissful Valentine's Day! (: 

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Dined at Yhingthai Palace today, my first time there and it's really good!! I've heard a lot of Yhingthai and many of my friends have dined there and raved about Yhingthai! Today was my turn!! 





Stuffed Chicken Wings


I think this is really cool! De-boned the chicken wings before stuffing its meat, mushrooms etc and deep fry it! The meat is soft, with mushrooms as one of the additional ingredients, every mouthful is fragrant and tender! (: 

Tang Hoon with King Prawns


Pineapple Fried Rice with Floss

Fried Yam Rings

Very much reminds me of my Ahma's yam cake! This is just as deli and the special sweet sauce made this dish extra heavenly!! Every mouth is filled with yam and not the usual flour. Yhingthai sure doesn't sting on their ingredients!

Tom Yum Goong (Clear)

Tom Yum (Milk) 

Yhingthai's tom yum soup comes in these palace looking individual bowls! The milked one is less spicy than that of the clear one, so it's just right for my liking and buds! :D

Red Ruby Dessert!

I've never been a fan of red ruby. I don't remember a time i ordered this dessert but I remember Sheila telling me that Yhingthai's really good so I ordered a bowl. Besides red rubies, there are strips of jackfruit and sea coconut too!! Yummy!! 

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The bill for 2 came up to about S$80. A little bit pricey for Thai food but it's definitely worth every cent because of their authenticity; the chef is a thai and her sauces are all special and her secret recipes!! (:

Definitely going back!! (:

Yhingthai Palace Restaurant
36 Purvis St, Singapore 188613
6337 1161

Went over to an art cafe, Eatplaylove Café just nearby for some tea.  Some pictures of my Valentine's Day OOTD! :D



Eatplaylove Café!

Old school chocolates, candies and biscuits!!


My new very comfy white chunky heels!

Chanel Lego Clutch!! (:



Ztyle of The Day
Sweet Emotions Ruffle Dress: Hollyhoque
DIY Charm 3-Way Coloured Braid: Mercado9
Double C Pink Clutch with Plain Gold Strap: Mercado9
Korean Design Chunky Heels with Ankle Strap: Mercado9
Promo: Chanel box clutch is going at any 2 for $77.90 when you quote Zoe. An additional 10% off applies as well to the rest of the items.

Got to thank Mercardo9 for all the awesome accessories again! If you remember their name, they are the one who supported me with boots for my trip to Hong Kong recent, so comfy that I walked for hours and days in them! I got another pair of white chunky heels from them and thankful for its comfort again! 

The Chanel clutch was another hit! I've seen online stores selling them at almost S$70 each and at Mercado9, you can get 2 for the same price and still get some change back! Available in 6 different colors, why not take advantage of the promotion and share the purchase with your friends! (: 

And saving the best of last, is Mercado9's latest venture, customized bracelets! With almost 50 charms to choose from, you are in control of what you want on your bracelet! I chose a 3-tone weaved as my bracelet base and some of my favorite charms like key, lock, snowflake, crown and bow!! Each bracelet is priced at $1.99 and individual charm from $1.90 only!! (:


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Eatplaylove Café
Aliwal Arts Centre 
28 Aliwal St 199918
Telephone 6444 6400

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