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Locker Room Sports Bar.


Been awhile since the Abacus team came together for dinner and drinks! We met up at Mohammad Sultan after work for some catching up. Can never seem to get sick of this bunch of people even after seeing them at the office haha!


We decided on Locker Room Sports Bar which was a pity cause it's a weekday and there wasn't any soccer matches then. If not, the atmosphere would have be great! Locker Room Sports Bar is a casual bistro bar designed like a locker room, surrounded by modern decorations, lockers and jerseys.


There are dart boards too!


Eugene and Jermaine enjoying their red wine!

Tower of Chang Beer!


My colleague was there just recently and was raving on how good the food were. I am not exactly a fan of alcohol but I love good food at bars while my friends enjoy their beers. The chef, Gabriel, was from a top notch hotel's Japanese restaurant before he joined Locker Room so we were all in for a treat at a fraction of the price! :P


We started our dinner with a salad. Mixed greens tossed with Japanese soy sauce dressing with furikake (prawn).



Next was super refreshing dish of Somen with my favorite Tobiko (flying fish roe)! These fine Japanese noodles were accompanied with a small serving of seaweed and ponzu (citrus sauce).



Ebi with white wine mayonnaise sauce and oranges. This combination is really heavenly! Eugene and I never liked mayonnaise but with the touch of wine taste, the sauce was unique and not too heavy. I love how the chef completed the dish with a sweet fruit, each mouthful was salty and sweet.

Ebi fry!


Chicken Karaage with egg mayonnaise and carrot puree. This is my favorite dish of all!! It's my first time having my karaage this way. I never enjoyed karaage because it's usually tough and dry. But this karaage is golden fried to perfection with tender juicy chicken on the inside. So it's really crispy and not overly sweet; just the way I would like it! 

With Jermaine baby!

Sea bass with blended cauliflower dressing and purple onions and ladyfingers

I am an anal fish eater, I can never have any fish that has a smell. So I'm thankful that Locker Room gets only the best fish, and so the sea bass is not fishy at all. It's light and the cauliflower dressing; An excellent sauce to serve on top of a fish. Cauliflower Puree produces the same creamy texture of mashed potatoes, yet its versatile and healthy and serves as an alternative to the higher-carb potato!


Deliciously light, creamily delicious.

Thanks Chef Gab for the great food!!! 

A shot with the man behind all the wonderful dishes! There wasn't 1 dish that I have eaten in this exact rendition! (: 


We got some martinis too! Something unique, Apple martini with torched cinnamon! (: 


Most enjoyed drink for Adam and I that evening! (:

Dinner ended with dessert, of course! (: 
Chef Gab surprised us once again with a platter each of chocolate mousse with homemade marshmallows with berries. 


The plain and simple chocolate mousse wasn't too sweet so I could finish the whole cup! The chocolate mousse is silky, smooth, and divine. We couldn't stop at 1 cup, we had a few more servings each to satisfy our love for it. 

Gab was explaining how he refused to use off-the-shelves marshmallows because of it's overpowering sweetness and only makes them himself. The marshmallows are tight, so fresh that it melts in the mouth, effortlessly. 

Ended the evening with some card games and darts. Basically because we had 3 towers and 2 wines and had to finish them and in need of some drinking games to facilitate! HAHA!




My first time playing darts for real. And I didn't know how to aim but still got a bull's eye but at a wrong dart game, Cricket haha! 


Indian Poker with the (as usual) drunkard Eugene.

Locker Room Sports Bar has a good variety of international beers, both on draught and in bottles. Together with a comprehensive range of wine and spirits along with a list of unique and inspired American cocktails! Not forgetting to be there for good food at very affordable prices! (:

Locker Room Sports Bar
11 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 239010
Tel: 6733 1959

Opening Hours:
Tuesdays - Thursdays: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Fridays: 11:30 am - 2:00 am
Saturdays: 3 pm - 2:00 am
Sundays: 3 pm - 12:00 am
*Closed on Mondays


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