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Flea with Zonia & En!


In coincidental matching colors as En!! And we were in coincidental For Flea Sake colors!! We swear that we didn't plan it! :X

So anyway, if you have followed me on Instagram, you would have known that I did a flea the week before Christmas to clear some of my preloves at Lucky Plaza's Flea Party! Doing a flea is definitely the best, fastest and easiest way to clear off your clothes FAST! It's my second time at Flea Party this year and the last time I was there, business was sooo good that I only had to bring home just a handful of clothes.

My last flea was ALONE cause Zonia couldn't make it as she was overseas. So glad to have both her and En this time round!! So much more fun to do it with a group of girls! (:

With Zonia!! (:




Favorite snack now!!

Snacked away while we were at flea too! Zonia got this Chicharron- a Philippines snack from a random store at Lucky Plaza! 

Zonia camwhoring with my camera!

Crowd at my booth! ((:

One of the bags that I brought over to sell too! :D

With En!! (:


Jermaine dropped by!!

Jermaine came over to check out Flea Party as she wants to get a booth to sell some of her clothes too!! 

With a kind reader who bought 4 pieces from me! :D :D

If you have taken a photo with me also, please send it over to me!! (: 

Once again, a big thank you to Kent and Jason from For Flea Sake for always accommodating to my last minute requests for flea booths! I managed to clear about 70% of my clothes, which is really an achievement because I refused to lower the prices when the rest of the booths owners were towards the end of the flea. Curious to try out the rest of the locations at For Flea Sake has such as Queensway Shopping Centre. (very near my place!!)!

For Flea Sake has fleas every weekend, different fleas of different target markets and price ranges. So do check their website out for some of the fleas which you can join with your friends to clear some clothes to make way for new ones!! 


This marked my 4th flea with For Flea Sake and this got to be the flea with the best company ever! 

Till the next flea! x

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