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Outfits for Hong Kong!!

This is probably the last trip for 2013! Can't wait to be there later this week with the best friend too! We are going to eat and shop our hearts out! :D :D

Dropped by Sheila's office and raid her office for some clothes for the trip! Here's the outfits that I will be bringing along for the trip! I hope the weather there isn't too cold, I'm very terrified of the cold boohoo! I will be wearing heat tag, blazers, stockings and socks too which I didn't take photos of for the outfit posts.

Some of the clothes are launched on already while some would be up really soon! Please ignore the crumpled pieces, I have the habit of ironing them only at the hotel cause I don't see why I should iron at home and get crumpled up in the luggage again. Call me lazy :X

photo 2 (1)
Coming back Knit Sweater (And in new colors too!!)
Swift and Swirl Pleats Skirt
Watch: BCBG
Colorful Beaded Bracelets: Bangkok

photo 5
Watch: BCBG
Necklace: Taiwan

photo 4
(This is actually a 2-pc set, comes with matching tank top!)
All Rounder Sneaker Wedge
Silver Bangle: Hollyhoque
Necklace: Forever 21

photo 3 (1)
Unreleased Purple Shirt with Cut-out Sleeves
Unreleased Island Retreat Floral Shorts
All Rounder Sneaker Wedge
Colourful Persona Bracelets
Watch: Ted Baker

photo 1 (1)
 Patterner Aztec Skorts
Watch: Ted Baker
Necklace: Forever 21

My black boots and pink/white knit top (super warm, soft and comfy!!) are courtesy from a new online store which I will be sharing more when I'm back!! 

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Anonymous said...

is going to be cold. is winter in hk now..

Anonymous said...

Coming back sweatee in same color launched?

Tysh said...

i have those snickers but in beje coclour *.* so confortable!