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Fresh hair color at Von's!

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Wore Hollyhoque's Floret Casual Romper on Saturday for my hair appointment with Von's! I have the habit of tying my hair up before each hair appointment cause I'm lazy to wash my hair since I am going to have it comfortably washed and massaged there. hahaha! :D

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:D :D

Decided to keep the fringe and not go back to the bangs club! It's really too much hard work maintaining the bangs! Kudos to those who have the patience, I wished I had too! 


Von got me a new shade of color; he actually mixed 4 different colors this time round! I like how the colors he do for me is not a single hard shade! (: 

And of course, a hair treatment at each hair appointment. I still do my weekly hair mask (if I remember to!) to keep my hair soft. 

Having the hair treatment wrapped! 

Von doing his thing next to me! 

This girl actually came in when waist-length hair and she left the salon an hour later with chin-length!! She was looking really chic and fresh! How I wished I was that brave. Von has been psycho-ing me to chop my hair off every time I visit him! :X 


I didn't do much trimming cause the hair was still good. :D 





Von says that he takes nice pictures so he took an outfit picture for me! You can get the Floret Casual Romper here! 

Some closer shots of the new hair shade! It shines! (: 




Von is located at ESTIQUE at Pacific Plaza. Just opposite Far East Plaza.
Entitled to 10% off any hair services (except hair cut) if you mention my name!

Some of the charges:
Haircut: $100
Quote Zoe Raymond to get a cut at $80
Intensive Treatment: $125 onwards
Coloring: $150 onwards
Rebonding and Perms: $250 onwards (Depending on type of treatment as well!)

Von's a senior stylist, so his rates might be higher but definitely affordable for a stylist like him.
Von @ 92995052, and he is by Appointment ONLY.

It's also better if you girls could contact him directly cause I wouldn't know the cost of every service he has! Different hair lengths cost different, I don't do most of the services such as perm and rebond as well! He's nice and WONT BITE! (:

Don't forget to note down Von's number 92995052.

I am not able to do brighter colors or wilder shades because I meet clients. If I was office bound or self-employed, I would do pink highlights and what not! 


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