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Vacation in Phuket, Day 4!


Our last day in Phuket! Cause our airport transfer is only at 5pm, we had a whole day to spare! We decided to go see Chang (Elephants) and we got our resort to make the arrangements. We went to the reception before breakfast and told them our plans and timings, by 12pm, we we good to go!! We paid 1000 Baht (S$40) per pax for 1 hour of Elephant Trekking which also included 2 way transport to and fro the hotel. 

Cause we had about 2 hours odd before our transport came, we packed our luggage and checked out first. We told the resort that our transport to the airport is only at 5pm and we would like to shower before we head off. The resort was very kind to give us a room (same type of room as the one we  to shower and rest!! And we still had time after checking out, we dropped by Ao Sane Beach, the beach connected to Baan Krating Resort. Our last day in Phuket was the most beautiful of the 4 days we were there! 

Look at the beautiful skies! (:





Jermaine wanted me to do a yoga pose against the beautiful scenery. So I did the Standing Bow Pulling Pose (Dandayamana Dhanurasana) which in my opinion is one of the most graceful poses in yoga! 

photo 3 (9)

My goal is to have the leg 180 degrees up!! 
Wearing an old studded HWS from Hollyhoque with my Victoria's Secret Cropped Top! (:





We will go back to the pool for some dipping after the Elephant Trekking!! Phuchada Safari is very near to our resort, about 10 minutes drive. 


Eugene and I!

photo (4)

And Jermaine wanted me to do another yoga pose... Warrior III Pose (Virabhadrasana III). 

Each Elephant can carry 2 passengers and it's master so the 5 of us had to be split up. Jermaine and Pei Pei went ahead first. 





Jermaine looking super happy!!

The ride was very stable! We took turns to sit on Chang's head!!


King Steven lol!


My turn to go in front and feeding time!!

 It was really spiky and uncomfortable at the start. And I kept holding tight onto the seat behind because there was no support and I was tiny whiny afraid of being thrown off wahaha! But it got better after awhile! We brought our own bananas, unsure if we could feed them but we still brought anyway. They allowed us to feed the bananas and it got the elephants very very happy!! (:

Asking for more bananas!!

Once you feed it, it can't stop. Kept throwing its trunk back to me and asking for more bananas. It would blow air time to time which is pretty smelly :X


Though we were on different elephants, they would stop for each other and made sure we all traveled together!! And all the photos you've seen were taken by the "driver" of the elephants.

Group shot of us with our Changs!!!!!

And I told you the weather was the best that day! Look at the light blue skies and fluffy white clouds! These group shots sure looked professionally taken hehe! 




Eugene's and my elephant is the biggest of the 3 and I really feel that it's very photogenic haha! Really knows how to pose right?? (:


The photographers (drivers of the Elephants) didn't come free. Towards the end of the ride, they took out some keychains and all and asked if we wanted to buy them at 200 baht each. When we said that we do not want them, they asked to tip them then. So we gave them 200 baht each to thank them for the well-taken and enthusiastic photography.

We then boarded back our car back to the resort. Got to thank the driver who stopped at a random stall on the way back for us to get our lunch. We didn't know that it would take so long, I thought 10-15 minutes was sufficient but it took more than 30 minutes and he waited without any complains! (: 

Our last Thai lunch is from a random hawker which didn't looked too clean. 

Mixed Vegetables, Basil Chicken, Omelette with Egg, Barbecue Chicken Leg and Tom Yum Goong!

But the food is good and it's the cheapest we have had. It's about 400 baht (S$16) and none of us had a stomachache so phew!!


Back to the beach for some sun and sea!! :D 



Only spent awhile at the beach because Eugene and I had a cut in our feet and the salt water was too painful for us to bear. We decided to go back to the pool to chill. 

photo (5)
One of my favorite bikinis from Triumph! (:


Chilling by the pool! (:

I did get quite a bit tanner but my friends say I look healthier so oh well! thought I very much prefer to be fair. 

Our flight back to Singapore was at 9pm but airport transfer came at 5pm, I thought it was very early but the traffic was really bad. We took about 2 hours odd to reach the airport thought it only took an hour when we arrived to reach the resort. We settled dinner at the airport's western restaurant/ pub which my friend recommended me to dine at. Apparently the fish and chips there is good. 



Onion Rings!

Spicy Spaghetti with Bacon

Caesar Salad

Cheeseburger with double beef patties!!

Fish and Chips which was our cheapest main and the fish portion is huge!!


Our last meal in Phuket was about 1900 baht (S$75) and that marked the end of our beach vacation. 

Can't wait for my next vacation to Hong Kong in December. Till the next time, see you Phuket! (: 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, for your trip which you went underwater Scuba Diving with Jing at Rendang, how are we able to take the photographs? Will the instructors help us with the various photo taking?

Have not been to such places before but your posts really makes me wanna go.

i hope to hear from you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe!! EC here. Wonder if you remember me!! Can I ask which camera you using for this post? Looks Good! Looking for a new camera actually. Haha hope to hear from you soon. Miss your frequent blogging! Hope you will find your blogging vibes soonnn! :)