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CM-PB | Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar

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This Hollyhoque Lush Life 2-Piece Romper has been launched just awhile ago and an undiscovered piece!! I wore it on my weekend and received a few praises on it!! Everyone thought it was a one-piece but it's actually the very popular 2-piece romper! (: 


The restaurant is not brightly-lit so the pictures aren't too pretty as those taken above. 


Some pictures of my OOTD as I waited for food to come!! 


Sushi bar! 

CMPB is one of my favorite places to go at Dempsey because they have A LOT of food! They serve almost every cuisine you want all under 1 menu. There's western, all-day breakfast, Japanese and even local delights like curry! 



Steak with eggs and a bowl of goodness// Truffle Fries! The fries were really good! I polished off the whole bowl! :))

Crab Meat Spaghetti 

They didn't have much pasta choice for me. I was craving for tomato based pasta and glad they allowed me to have it tomato-based instead of black pepper. 

Big chunks of crab meat for me!


If you haven't been to CMPB, you have been missing out! It's my 2nd time there and i had such a good meal and though ididn't  blog, i could remember I had pork belly salad and Wagyu beef with foie gras burger! Slurps!! 

CM-PB | Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
7 Dempsey Rd 
Singapore 249671 

Ending the posts with 2 of my favorite shots of the day wahahaha!! 

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