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Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Firstly, Happy National Day to my fellow Singaporeans!!! And Happy Raya to all Muslim friends! How have you been spending your long holiday? My family was supposed to fly to Bangkok for this long holiday but we have decided against going because Ah Gong is still in the hospital ):

Anyway, I spent my National Day with some yoga practice at home! If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen some of my amateur yoga poses!

In red for yoga because it's Singapore's birthday!!

Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle Pose). The benefits are abundant!

  1. Expands your chest and shoulders. 
  2. Increases neck mobility. 
  3. Stretches your spinal muscles and increases spinal range of motion. 
  4. Strengthens and tones muscles of your thighs. 
  5. Stretches your calf muscles, hamstrings, and hip musculature. 
  6. Can relieve upper back tension. 
  7. Increases proprioception (or the sense of position in space) of your feet and ankles. 
  8. Stimulates abdominal organs.
Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)


  1. Builds arm and shoulder strength 
  2. Stretches and strengthens your wrists 
  3. Strengthens your abdomen and legs 
  4. Improves balance and coordination
  5. Toned arms, let's go!!! 
Try these poses!!! Also, please follow me on Instagram if you find these helpful! You will definitely be seeing more as I share the benefits of the poses in each picture as well! (: 


So I spent my holiday catching Smurfs 2! Was supposed to join Nuffnang in the premiere a week ago but couldn't make it. Glad I watched it today because it was really good! I didn't catch part 1 and part 2 made me want to watch back!! Part 1 was filmed in New York City while Part 2 is at Paris, London! Beautiful, can't wait to visit Paris soon! 

It's a really touching family cartoon which emphasizes a lot about family love and togetherness. Catch it if you haven't!!

Walked around Scape and Cineleisure but didn't have anything worth buying so chilled at Scape's Toastbox before the movie started.


Banana cake and lime juice! 


Dinner was at Superstar K at Tanjong Pagar after the movie. Been awhile since En and Pris brought me there. That's the only korean bbq place that serves steamed egg as their side dish!! Shiokness!! 


Hello, Steamed egg!



Ordered a marinated beef ribs and a marinated pork neck. Wasn't too hungry and didn't have craves for kimchi so didn't order a kimchi soup or ramen, very much satisfied with just the kimchi sides.


Pork neck!!

Its no wonder the beef is twice the price of the pork because it taste soooo much better!!


The bill worked out to about S$80 for 2. Quite pricey as the portions were slightly smaller than the ones I frequent like Manna.

Superstar K Korean Restaurant
75 Tanjong Pagar Road 
Singapore 088496. 
Tel: 6224 0504



Ztyle of The Day
Jeans With Chiffon Top: Fashion Drama
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 5% off. Valid till 17th August.
Bag: LV

It's been awhile since I don on a denim oversized shirt like such but I am still loving how comfortable and korean it looks! What's best is it's perfect for feel-fat days and yet still look so stylish and smart! (: 


Back tracking a few days earlier. Zonia and I had sushi at Sushi Express located at 313 Somerset shopping mall after yoga! Famished and glad that our yoga school is near to so much food!!


We used to have to travel to Citylink for Sushi Express but not anymore. The queue at 313 isn't horrendous as well! :D :D


If you didn't know, every plate at Sushi Express is priced at just S$1.50!! Even the scallops, tuna. salmon anything on the belt!! Don't say i don't share good deals!!





My favorite torched salmon which is pretty rare!!! So we sweep a lot of the belt every time we see them!!


Zonia and my finished plates!! 

Sushi Express
313 Orchard Road, #B3-24

Snoopy Cafe, must try you soon!!


Ztyle of The Day
Lace Flare Bustier Top in Cream: Oh, gretel!
Daisy Skorts: Bangkok (Thank you, En!!!)
Bag: LV

Bustiers, I can never get enough of them! Here's my latest addition to the bustier family and you would love it when I say it accentuates the bust for it's already padded. The bustier comes in black and floral prints too!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, where do u learn yoga at? I'm looking for a yoga studio myself. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don bother trying snoopy cafe. A waste of time =)

Anonymous said...

Where did you bought the LV bag? Not in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, where do u learn yoga from?