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Happy Birthday, Rachell!!


Wore this dress and camwhored in it but it's the first time I was wearing it out last week! Super in love with the prints when I first saw this Enchanting Floral Cutout Dress on the rack of Hollyhoque's office! :D


I wore the enchanting dress for Rachell's surprise birthday on the 6th of August. The poor girl had to film for ReelityTV on her birthday and wasn't feeling all too happy. We decided to throw her a surprise at her shoot location. I called our blog manager, Jayne, to inform her of this surprise while Peishi contacted Rudy who would be at the shoot location to cue us! 

Jayley, Hayley, Peishi and I met up at Bugis at around 12pm to buy some cakes, balloons and gifts. We decided to get her a big bunny from Craftholic. Jayley couldn't resist the bunnies and got 2 small ones for herself, terrible!! 

Peishi and Hayley!

No Jayley because she was at Mochi Sweets to get an ice cream! She's mad at us cause we always take photos without her haha! 

Picture of the 4 of us with the cake and Craftholic bunny!!

We also went to Middle Road to get the balloon! We had a hard time at the balloon shop cause this china man wanted to cheat our money, overcharging us by more than 30% because we wanted just 1 balloon. Sighhhhh! That really got on our nerves. 


Off to Wheelock to meet up with Rachell, only to learn that the filming was delayed )): And Peishi was scrolling through Twitter and Rachell was ranting non-stop and feeling very pissed off about being late for filming and said it was her worse birthday ever! Woah, that scared us quite a bit.

Cause we had time, we went off for lunch. We wanted to wait for Rachell to end her filming and eat together but it was already after 2pm and we couldn't wait any longer!! 

Japanese for lunch! :D 

Miso meat sticks!

Peishi's and Hayley's Ramen which they said was bad!!

Jayley's super healthy salad!

My beef hot stone rice!!

Super good! And if you take a closer look at the picture above, corner right. You would see our phones stacked at the middle of the table because Jayley didn't allow us to eat and use phone. She wanted communication lol! 

Ramen girls!

Jayley looking cute there!!

After lunch, we went to shop around a bit. Thanks Jayley for the gifts!! Will wear them for yoga and send to you over our lapsup group chat! teehee! 

We decided to go the where Rachell was and prepare for the surprise. The cakes were cui, my fault cause I must have been swinging the cake box around as I walked. )))):

Everyone helping to tidy up the cake! What a mess because of meeee! ):

not bad right! We even cleaned up the box lol!

Cookies and Cream and Green tea with Red Bean Crepe cakes!!


We were just sitting at the corridor, behind a pillar so no one could see us. As we were having our girl talk, Juli (Bunbun) walked past me and said hello! Following closely behind her was RACHELL!!! She saw all of us and she said, "What are you all doing here?". There goes our surprise! )): 

Rudy couldn't contain her. And he didn't have time to inform us that Rachell was coming out and going to the toilet )): Well... at least we made her day brighter! 

The 5 girls with a little cui Crepe Cakes,
Balloon that made us so pissed off and
lapsup, the Craftholic bunny! (:



Left the girls at around 530pm to meet Sheila for our monthly Snowflake IPL sessions at Revive Wellness! It was dinner after that! Christine and Mabs were short-handed and couldn't meet us so it was just the 2 of us till next week! 

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photo 1 (10)
Sheila and her trademark duck mouth hehe!

photo 2 (10)

The Enchanting Floral Cutout Dress is now available via backorder and closing on Thursday 2359hrs!! Be quick because time won't wait! ((: 


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