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Zyan's ONEderful Birthday! (:

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been really really really busy the past 2 weeks. Going to work, meetings, visiting Ah Gong (Grandfather) in the hospital everyday. Am still trying to resume to my usual lifestyle of going for yoga. Having not gone for just a week, my muscles were so tensed up and I couldn't do some of the poses freely. Felt so good to be able to take time off on Sunday and Monday and headed for 2 hours of yoga on each day with Zonia!! Weeeee!

Backtrack to Saturday where it was Zyan's ONEderful Birthday! Still loving the sound of the theme :D :D it seemed like just days ago where Zyan was just born and I was carrying the tiny him in my arms. I have the habit of creating birthday collages for people who matter to me and post on Instagram on their birthdays at 12am. This is Zyan's! (;

Dear Son, 12am today marks your 1st birthday. I just want to wish you happiness and good health because nothing is attainable without them. Love always, Godmama

Started the birthday with deco-preparation at Aloha Loyang Seaview Bungalow. Some of Jing's temple friends and I were there at 4pm to draw draw, cut cut and paste. 


The birthday boy was having his nap at home cause we didn't want him to be sleeping at the party! 

The bed - a mess!

With the bow i made hehe!


Hi bestie! :D


Serene made a beautiful dessert table with the mustache and bow theme! Didn't she do a great job with the biscuits, chocolates, cupcakes, marshmallows and candies? ((:


So much goodies!!!

Yummy cupcakes which were wiped out! 

Thank you, Serene! Interested parties who wish to get a personalized dessert table can whatsapp Serene at 98236307! ((:

With baby sister, Zonia! 

And say hi to the birthday boy!!! 

Zonia says he always has the "Mong" blur face haha!

Pictures with our photo booth wall which we painstakingly drew inverted-ly and cut out! 


Zyan refusing to look at the camera. He's only interested in the balloon.

best shot we could get! haha!

Godmama's turn with Zyan!!


Jing's temple and secondary school friends with Zyan!

Just the temple mates! (:

Secondary school buddies and Zonia! (:

Zee love birds, En and Kadson! 

TNS crew!

Jing also invited Christine and Mabs from The Nail Status to come by! They are always so fun and supportive. They bought a Adidas Tiger jacket and track pants set for Zyan, HOMYGOD, super doper cute!! Can't wait to dress Zyan in it!! 

Zyan's presents table which were full of educational toys!!

I got Zyan a gold anklet from Poh Heng, only to find that he has a similar one already!! So we had it changed to a 5g gold plate which Jing insisted on calling it Gold bar! 

Denson's uncle redesigned the chocolates into ZYAN!

Tried to put him on a table for a model shot but he just cried!!

Jing and I with Christine's 2Cs! 

With Carrie and Cherri! (:

Dinner was catering from my favorite caterer Angeli Catering! The seafood mee goreng is superb, and available upon request!

We had Breaded Scallops, Fried Rice, Mee Goreng, Curry Chicken, Black Pepper Beef, Sambal Prawns, Breaded Fish!!

We also had BBQ which Jing marinated herself yummy! (: 

With the TNS team and Mabs's 小名星 :P

My plate! hehe! (:

Jing's mom made Assam fish which was sooo good, I had so much!! Denson's mom made bee hoon which was really popular at the party! (: 

Zyan's themed cake!!!

Godmama loves you, Son! See you soon, be healthy!! (: 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe!
Would like to ask where did your friend,Jing, got her white dungaree.
With Thanks,

Hanna Lei said...

This is so cute. I love the theme too! -Hanna Marie

Tysh said...

i've been on my internship and like this i didn't had time to see blogs... but now i'm at home and your blog was the one that i wanted to see the most =D amazing like allways =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

By any chance do u know where ur fren made the cake?