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Who That Girl?


Aside from being a site that sells apparels, shoes, bags, accessories and gifts, Jipaban wants to help our shoppers tackle the woes of deciding what their style is and how to introduce upcoming trends into their wardrobes. With these style guides, it provides insights of fashion trends and if shoppers like what they read, they can purchase these pieces straight off the site.

“Who That Girl” style guide gives informative and styling guides to readers who would like to dress like their fashion guru/icon!

I always prefer donning on clothes that are brighter cause I have a bubbly character and always feel black and white outfits do not suit me. That's probably why Jipaban wants to prove me wrong by sending me a Monochrome outfit.


For the very first edition of the “Who That Girl”, style guide touches on Kristen Stewart! Kristen Stewart, popularly known as Isabella "Bella" Swan in the film Twilight. Though just 23 years of age, girls look up to her for fashion styles and there's something about her devil may care attitude that is intriguing and appeals in the fashion world. Let's start off with fashion images of Kristen in Monochrome too!

Feminine and Dainty

Kristen is an effortless stylist that manages to look good in whatever she wears. My favorite styling of her by far is the one she wore a dainty full laced dress yet pairing with a cool studded boots. Successfully mismatching 2 different styles and making it look like a million bucks.

Some of the other styles Kristen pulled off so well.

Sexy and Classy

Showing a little skin with the bustier top with a pair of pants. I really like that style, chic and neat.

Going hot with studded bustier dress

This Lady in Red usually goes easy on the accessorizing, very often just pairing her outfits with simple necklaces and ring candies. As per above pictures, Kristen makes everything look easy. We can see that she dares to step out of her comfort zone to gowns, dresses etc and show her versatility. This is something we should learn from her. To be able to inject your character into whatever you wear while still sticking to your true character.


Necklace. Ring. Dress. Clutch from Jipaban

Jipaban’s style guides are contributions from very own their in-house and guest stylists. Don't forget to check back every month for your fashion injection of Who That Girl only at Jipaban (:

And sharing some snippets of my week! (:

photo 1 (19)
We supported Mel at her Grade D dance competition and she was crowned 2nd! 

photo 5 (14)
Sheila and I so proud of her! 

photo 1 (18)
Flowers for the dancing queen. 

Went a few places to find flowers that Sunday. Cause it was quite late, we couldn't find a florist that was still open around Serangoon CC. These were the only decent flowers left and the lady did a great job in getting it beautified! 

photo 2 (17)

First time dining at Cafe Pal. They specialises in tea and bakes. Also has Thai food on the menu at relatively affordable pricing. 

photo 4 (13)
Me with my pretty Homemade Bluebell Flower Tea- SGD$5.80

photo 1 (20)
Freshly shredded thai mangoes tossed in sweet and spicy dressing topped with peanuts and died anchovies- SGD$8

photo 2 (18)
Thai Rice Noodles served in freshly made tom yum broth with minced pork, shrimps, fish cake and fried wanton- SGD$9

photo 5 (17)
Jasmine Rice fried with dark sauce, mushrooms, a choice of chicken, beef or pork accompanied with a sunny side up- SGD$12

Was introduced to Phad See-Eu thai fried rice and have been missing it ever since...

photo 2 (16)
All ready to nom!

photo 3 (14)
Cafe Pal's freshly baked green tea chiffon cake with homemade Kaya dip!

photo 5 (15)
Latte with Cookies!

Returning soon to get my hands on the plate of Phad See-Eu thai fried rice which was so good! Cafe Pal is located a stone throw from Bugis Junction. Very conveniently accessible.

Cafe Pal
43 Middle Road #01-00, Singapore 188952

OOTD was an old maxi number from Hollyhoque.

photo 3 (13)

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